2 Days in Mesr Desert (Exclusive tour)

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Offered in English

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Mesr is desert and also an oasis located in the central desert of Iran, (known as Dashte-Kavir in Persian). We start our tour early in the morning from Kashan, Yazd or Isfahan and head to Mesr desert and stay at Birahe guest house or camp in the desert overnight. Next day, we explore the desert and walk on the sand hills. Then we head to Isfahan or Kashan (depending on your pick-up location) after visiting Khur salt lake on the way. 

Best Time to Visit

We mainly recommend you schedule your trip for either autumn or early spring when the weather is just right for a desert excursion.

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  • English-speaking guide
  • Private transfer to Mesr desert from Kashan/Isfahan
  • Private transfer to Kashan/Isfahan from the desert
  • One night accommodation 

What to bring

  • Sunscreen


  • Mesr desert 
  • Sand dunes of Amirabad 
  • Farahzad village 
  • Khur salt lake

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