A Complete Stroll through Kashan

Kashan Cultural


Mohamad Ali


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Lace up your sneakers because we are about to explore Kashan’s historical houses and massive baths in DEPTH in this gem of a city hidden in Iran’s deserts.

In this experience, you meet your friendly and knowledgeable guide in Kamal Al Molk Square. The, together, we visit three of Kashan’s most famous historical houses: Tabatabai House, Borujerdi House, and Abbasian Historical House. Each of these historical houses used to belong to a noble family and represents Persian culture, values, and lifestyle at its best; and today, you get to experience part of that lifestyle yourself!

Once you’ve learned all there is to know about these aristocratic historical homes, we continue to Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, which boasts an architecture that has made it a must-see for anyone visiting Iran. After taking all your pretty pictures inside, we'll go on the roof of the bathhouse, which is not only beautifully decorated, but also offers a fantastic view of the whole city right under your feet.

Yes, Kashan is hot, and walking makes you hungry. That’s why we’ve included a refreshing drink and an ample lunch at Mozzafari restaurant in this experience, so you have the chance to gain back every last calorie you burnt!

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- A refreshing drink

- Lunch

- An English-speaking guide

- All entrance fees

What to bring

- Proper shoes for walking

- A sun hat


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- Please note that your guide will pick you up at Kamal Al Molk Square, right at the beginning of Fazel Naraghi Street.


- Tabatabai House,

- Borujerdi House

- Abbasian Historical House

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Kamal Al Molk Square

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