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Live Like a Local in Abyaneh Village

Kashan Cultural


Mohamad Ali


7 ساعات

الحمولة: 8

Offered in English

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In this experience, we travel through time to visit an authentic, red village. Abyaneh is a 1500-year-old village that’s world-renowned for both its red-colored houses and the authenticity of its villagers.

After your guide picks you up from your accommodation in Kashan, you will have an ample breakfast and drive some 87 kilometers to the red houses of Abyaneh, where your guide takes you to the village’s most charming attractions, including the famous Zoroastrians’ fire temple at its foothills, its congregational mosque, and its ancient castles.

Here, you will also have the chance to interact with the locals, who have never been touched by modernism and have managed to preserve the same culture, clothes, cuisine, and lifestyle for over a thousand years. These hospitable people will treat your warmly, while your guide helps you walk a day in their shoes and experience life as they do.

After having a local dish of your choice for lunch, we drive back to your accommodation in Kashan.


Best Time to Visit
This village is at its best during spring and autumn, so schedule your trip with that in mind. 


Photography courtesy of: Wikicommons, Mostafameraji, Bernard Gagnon; Flickr, Cordelia Persen, Paul Keller, Hamed Saber

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- English-speaking guide

- Transportation from Kashan to the village and back


What to bring

- Comfortable shoes for walking

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- Breakfast, lunch and personal expenses are not covered by this experience.

- Pick-up location: Your hotel


- The Jame’ Mosque

- Khaneqah (monastery)

- Caravansaries

- Shotor Khaneh (several caravanserais dedicated to camels)

- The water mills

-  Harpark Pantheon temple

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Abyaneh Village

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