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Join us on a fun walk through the nooks and crannies of Qom Grand Bazaar.

In this experience, after your guide picks you up at Qom’s city gate (Haftad-o-Do Tan Square) at 9 AM, we’ll go to Qom’s old bazaar. Here, you’ll see Iran’s oldest jobs and witness authentic workshops firsthand. Together, interacting with the sellers, helpful instructions from your guide, and the colorful atmosphere of this historical bazaar make for an experience of a lifetime.

In this bazaar, you’ll also get to gaze at Iran’s biggest brick ceiling. With its eye-catching architecture, this ceiling expands above your head and covers the blue sky with orange bricks; the perfect opportunity to learn about ancient Persia’s clever architecture.

Finally, we go for a traditional lunch in a traditional restaurant that screams Qajar era (an Iranian royal dynasty that ruled over Iran from 1789 to 1925) for a yummy and fresh bite of the local dishes.

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- English-speaking guide

-Transportation from the city to the bazaar and back

- Snacks 

- Lunch

What to bring

- Comfortable shoes for walking


- Qom's Grand Bazaar

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Qom's Old Bazaar

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