Play with Your Reflection in Howz-e Soltan Lake

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In this experience, you get to see your reflection in the biggest natural mirror in Iran.

In this short experience, your knowledgeable guide picks you up at Qom’s city gate, Haftad-o-Do Tan Square, and, after a 40-minute drive, we arrive at Howz-e Soltan Lake.

Here, you will oo and aw at the sharp reflections created on the surface of the lake which make a fantastic opportunity for some jaw-dropping photographs! And since the lake is quite shallow, you can also go for a relaxing stroll in it, and forget about the world for a couple of hours.

Don’t worry about your feet touching creepy crawlies either! The lake’s water is way too salty for anything to live in it, so you will have the lake all to yourself.


Photograph courtesy of: www.mehrnews, www.tasnimnews, www.borna.news, www.yjc.ir

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- English-speaking guide

- Transportation from the city to the lake and back

What to bring

- An extra pair of pants, socks, and shoes (if you plan on strolling in the lake)

- Sunglasses

- Sun hat

- Bottled water

- Snacks


Howz-e Soltan Lake

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