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Live With The Nomads

Shiraz Cultural




24 ساعات

الحمولة: 4

Offered in English

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Live the experience of being with Iranian nomads for a day. You will cook with them, share your stories and live their routine life to see how it is to work on a farm, have no electricity and cook with a pot on fire. You're going to have a unique and novel experience with nomad families

ما هي الخدمات الشاملة؟

  • Private transfer from/to Shiraz
  • Breakfast & dinner
  • Private guide and translator

ما يجب عليك معرفته؟

  • you will sleep on a clean and washed mattress. There will not be any beds, neither a western toilet seat.
  • The best time to take this tour is between April and late October

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