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Walking in Historical Shiraz

Shiraz Cultural




10 ساعات

الحمولة: 6

Offered in English

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What will we do?

You will start at 9 a.m. by meeting your guide and visiting the Arg of Karim Khan, a gigantic brick citadle. The tour continues with a visit to Pars Museum which is located in the lush Nazar Garden. Inside you’ll find a variety of interesting artifacts from pre-Islamic Iran.  Afterwards, you will spend your afternoon exploring Vakil Complex, from its Mosque, to its traditional baths, and the bazaar to really get the feel of a 17th century citizen of this city. To end everything on a sweet note, we’ll go to a Faloodeh shop to have sips and bites of this beloved local dessert.

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- Bottled water

- Faloodeh

- English-speaking guide

What to bring

- Proper walking shoes


- Arg of Karim Khan

- Pars Museum

- Vakil Complex (18th century): Mosque, Traditional Hamam (bathroom) and the bazaar.

- Faloodeh shop

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