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Persia for Book Lovers: A Literary Tour of Shiraz

Shiraz Historical




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Offered in English

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Watch as Iran’s literary and mythological heroes spring to life during this stroll in the historic heart of literary Shiraz. Today we’re going to live a day enchanted by Persian literature, Farsi poetry, mythology, and culture through the literary monuments of Iran’s most intimate city. 

We begin this experience at Qur'an Gate where the religious text of Islam was placed to keep anyone leaving and entering the city safe during their travels. Just near the gate rests Khwaju Kermani, a Persian poet and Sufi Mystic whose poetry sheds a new light on Sufism. 

Next, we’ll go to Saadi’s tomb, where we’ll enjoy his social and moral thoughts by reading his Bustan, one of the 100 greatest books of all time according to The Guardian. Meanwhile, we’ll also enjoy the sweet taste of authentic Faloodeh, a cold dessert similar to sorbet. 

Afterwards, we’ll check out Shiraz’s herbal extract shops and learn about the city’s popular and aromatic souvenirs. Then, we continue forward to Hafez’s tomb, one of the most influential literary figures of Persian poetry. To this day, many Iranians consult his poems before making big decisions and on their gloomy days. 

Last but not least, we’ll have dinner with a local family to see how this rich literature has mingled with people’s everyday life. 

ما هي الخدمات الشاملة؟

- Complete tour of Shiraz’s literary monuments

- All entrance fees

- Dinner at a Persian house

- 1 English-speaking driver-guide

- Snacks

- Drinks

What to bring

- Comfortable shoes for walking 

- Comfortable clothes for dinner at a family house


- Qur'an Gate

- Khwaju Kermani

- Tomb of Saadi

- Tomb of Hafez

- Shiraz aromatic extracts shop

- A traditional Persian home 

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Quran Gate‌

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