Discovering Tehran Grand Bazaar

Tehran Cultural




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Offered in English

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What will we do?

After meeting your guide in the morning, they will take you through the many sections of Tehran Grand Bazaar. You will get to visit Iran Termeh House and have a tour of the workshop. Then you will continue to the carpet section, where you can check out the different levels and see the many patterns of hand-woven Persian carpets.  Your next stop will be the fabric section, which is not too far from the beautiful Imam Zadeh Zeid Shrine. Next, at the smallest teahouse of the city, you can have a warm cup of tea. Finally, you have lunch at the famous Moslem restaurant near the Grand Bazaar.

ما هي الخدمات الشاملة؟

- English-speaking guide

- Bottled Water


What to bring

- Proper walking shoes


-  Iran Termeh House

-  Bazaar's Carpet Section

- Bazaar's Fabric Section

-  Imam Zadeh Zeid Shrine

- Haj Ali Darvish Teahouse

- Moslem Restaurant

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