Exploring Oudlajan (Old Town Tehran)

Tehran Historical




4.5 ساعات

سعة: 6

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What will we do?

You will meet your guide at Panzdah Khordad subway station and have a short walk to your first stop, Kazemi House Museum. Then, you get to visit Emmzadeh Yahya, a shrine famous for having a detailed mirror work and the oldest tree of Tehran. Your next stop is Navab Bath. Although the bath has undergone many changes, its ceiling and roof have remained the same and are worth seeing. You can find some simple handicrafts in the bath shop. The tour continues with a walk along Bazaar towards Dabir Ol-Molk Mansion. Your next stop is Fakhr al-Muluk House. This mansion was home to Zandokht Shirazi, an Iranian feminist, and poet. Today the place is a traditional restaurant known as Nan-o-Namak. Your final stop is Timche Akbarian, in Oudlajan’s Bazaar. There you get to learn how to eat a homey Dizi, Iranian style.

ما يحتويه؟

- English-speaking guide

- Snacks

- Bottled Water

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- Proper walking shoes

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- Breakfast, lunch and personal expenses are not covered by this experience.

- Pick-up location: Your hotel

عوامل الجذب

- Kazemi House Museum

- Emmzadeh Yahya

- Navab Bath

- Dabir Ol-Molk Mansion

- Fakhr al-Muluk House (Nan-o-Namak)

- Timche Akbarian

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