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Welcome to the colorful land of Tehran’s shopping malls. While most people focus on the historical bazaars of Iran, Tehran has quite the bold modern face. 

Today, we’re going to visit some high-end brands in one of Tehran’s biggest and most vibrant shopping malls, while discovering the finest traditional handicrafts the city has to offer in another. 

We begin this journey with Safavid Shopping Center. Located in the clement northern part of Tehran, this shopping center is one sparkly diamond on the inside. Its colorful interior design resembles that of traditional Persian houses with an added flare and shine. Plus, its ground floor is fully dedicated to top-notch handicrafts the likes of which you won’t find anywhere else. 

Once you’ve explored and spent all you wanted, we go to a cozy coffee shop near our next stop to relax, unwind, and enjoy some sweet delicacies. 

Our next stop is Palladium Shopping Center, known for housing some of the most internationally famous brands of clothing such as C. & J. Clark, Nike, Geox, Superdry, and many more. You get some time to explore this dazzling mall, shop or window-shop as you wish, and witness the lives of Tehran’s affluents firsthand. 

We saved the best for the last. For dinner, we invite you to Palladiums extensive food court, where you get to try anything you wish, from traditional Persian classics to fast-foods, Chinese food, and vegan salads. 

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- Transportation from your accommodation in Tehran to the malls and back

- Dinner

- Snacks 

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Shopping Centers

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Safavie Shopping Center

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