Celebrate Food and Nightlife in Tehran’s Rooftop

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Iran’s New York, Tehran, is the multilayered, bustling, and populous melting pot of many traditions and elements. Today, we want to take a step back and enjoy this giant capital from a different perspective. 

Bam-e Tehran (literary translated to Tehran’s rooftop) is where Tehroonis go for a breath of fresh air, a bite of delicious food, and an adrenaline rush. In this experience, we invite you on a refreshing walk up this picturesque hill; you know, to work up a sweat and make some room for all the yummy snacks to come. 

There on the top, you have a colorful array of juice and snack bars, cafes, restaurants, and food trucks to choose from. Then we go to one of the cozy cafes or benches and enjoy our food accompanied by a fantastic view of the sparkly city from a peaceful and distant spot.

Bam-e Tehran isn’t all classy snacking and city watching though. Here we get to try some energizing activities such as bungee jumping, zip-lining, VR reality simulation games, and sleigh riding. We can also hop on the chairlift, and go places higher up the mountains to enjoy warm mountain snacks in the chill cafes on the top. 

Photo credit : Shahab Aghae,Babak Farokhi,Reza

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- Up to 3 snacks and 2 drinks of your choice

- Transportation from your accommodation in Tehran to Bam-e Tehran and back 

- One fun English-speaking guide 


What to bring

- Comfortable shoes for walking

- Something warm to put on in case you feel cold up there

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Depending on the season and the weather, some of the activities mentioned may be closed.


Tehran’s foothills 

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