Well-equipped clinics and hospitals, experienced specialists, easy access to a wide variety of drugs, affordable quality accommodation and a very low value of currency have made Iran a popular destination for medical tourists from all around the globe. This phenomenon has been catching up recently. There are many agencies in Iran dedicating all their work to medical tourism and they get enough customers to keep the business alive. Even though there are many agencies available to help you with getting a treatment visa (Visa Type T) and they are happy to do so for the huge money they receive from you, keep in mind that you can do it all on your own and this article shows you what to do.

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Medical Visa for Iran

How to get Medical Visa for Iran

What documents do I need for a treatment visa

1. A passport with at least 2 blank pages that is valid for more than 6 months
2. A passport-sized picture of your face
3. A scanned photo of your passport’s first page
4. Financial support proof: you need to show authorities that you can afford your medication process and your trip to Iran
5. An official statement from your doctor/hospital that explains what you are going to do in Iran and how long your surgery/medication and the recovery period takes.
6. Your personal, residence and contact information

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Medical visa for Iran

Medical visa for Iran

How do I submit my Iran treatment visa application

If you are taking care of your visa procedure, there are two options on the table:
1. Apply online for your visa at https://evisatraveller.mfa.ir/en/request/
2. Go to an Iranian embassy or consulate and submit your application enclosed with your documents and ask for a treatment visa

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Iran treatment visa

Iran treatment visa

And what next?

In your Iran visa application, you need to indicate where you will collect your visa. You can choose from one of Iranian embassies/ consulates or one of Iran international airports. After you receive your authorization code by email, it’s ready to pick up.
Note that there might be two separate fees for the authorization code and the visa collection.

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Treatment visa for Iran

Treatment visa for Iran

How long is Iran treatment visa valid

A treatment visa is first issued for 30 days. However, you can extend it when you are in Iran two more times, each for 30 days. In this case, you should go to the police station for alien affairs, having enough documents to explain why you need to stay longer and ask for an Iran visa extension. It gets done quickly on the same day.

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Iran treatment visa requirements

Iran treatment visa requirements

Can I get treatment on a tourist visa

Nope. This action is prohibited by the ministry of foreign affairs in Iran. The emergency cases are in a different category. But if you are coming to Iran for a surgery or a series of medication, you should get a suitable visa.

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What you need to know about Travel Insurance

Having valid travel insurance is mandatory for all foreign tourists with all types of visas. There is no exception. In the case of a treatment visa, you should be aware that your insurance company will not cover your expenses whatsoever. Travel insurance is used for special emergency cases only.

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Treatment visa for Iran

Treatment visa for Iran

UK, US, and Canadian citizens

Passport holders of these three countries cannot apply for an Iran visa independently. Everything needs to be arranged by an agent and the visa process for them always takes longer.

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Popular surgeries in Iran for foreigners

According to the reports, these are the most popular goals for medical tourists:
Rhinoplasty or nose job, hair transplant, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass, breast surgery, Brazilian butt lift surgery, dental implant and Hollywood smile, different types of eye surgery, fertility treatment, facelift surgery, and so on.