A little bit about Lucas:

Lucas, Brazilian and 30 years old, contacted us at February, 2022 for arranging his trip to Iran. Lucas and his girlfriend Paula, were looking to spend around two weeks in Iran and they were very interested in visiting Hormoz island specifically. The following are their requests about the kind of trip they wanted to have:

  • Duration of stay: two weeks
  • Preferably Economic
  • Private driver-guide for the entire trip
  • Skiing in Shemshak or Dizin area

What we did for Lucas:

We immediately started the planning process since there was not much time left until their desired arrival date to Iran. After discussing different options on Whatsapp, we designed a plan for them which started in Tehran, had a full day of skiing in Shemshak resort included, and then they would head all the way down on the classic route, towards Qeshm and Hormoz islands.

This is what their itinerary looked like in a glance:

Now let’s dive-in to his day to day destinations:

Day 1: Tehran

On his first day, Lucas and Paula visited Tehran city center and some of its most well-known tourist attractions such as Golestan Palace, Treasury of National Jewels, Grand Bazaar, and Azadi Tower.

Accommodation: Ferdowsi Grand Hotel

Day 2: Shemshak ski resort

On their second day, after having breakfast, Lucas and Paula headed to Shemshak ski resort with their driver/guide and spent a full day skiing there.

Accommodation: Shemshak Hotel

Day 3: Kashan

On the morning of thier third day, they left Tehran for Kashan with their driver-guide and explored Kashan for the entire day. Some of the placesthey visited are Fin Garden, Tabatabaei Historical House, Agha Bozorg Mosque, and Sultan Amir Ahmad’s bath.

Accommodation: Morshedi House

Day 4: Abyaneh Village

Abyaneh, an ancient village in Iran, is known for its bloody red earth and its unique architecrure. On thier way from Kashan to Isfahan, Lucas and Paula had a stop at the village for one day to enjoy the village’s traditional bread and buy some handicrafts from the locals. They went back to Kashan for spending the night.

Accommodation: Morshedi House

Day 5 and 6: Isfahan

The next morning, they headed to Isfahan. Isfahan holds some of the most beautiful tourist attractions of Iran and therefore, we suggested them to stay there for two nights so they can visit all of them including Naqshe Jahan Square, Shah Mosque, Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque, Ali Qapu Palace, Si-O-Se Pol, Khajoo bridge, Vank Cathedral.

Accommodation: Khajoo Hotel

Day 7 and 8: Yazd

After visiting Isfahan, they left for Yazd, the city of glorious architecture. In Yazd, they got to visit its Jameh mosque, Zoroastrian fire temple, Towers of silence, and Dowlat Abad Garden.

Accommodation: Dad Hotel

Day 9 and 10: Shiraz

Their next stop was Shiraz. En- route to Shiraz they visited Perspolis (the famous UNESCO World Heritage site), Naqshe Rostam, and Arg of Karim khan. While in Shiraz, they enjoyed a fun tour of the city’s main attractions including Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, Vakil Bazaar, Tomb of Hafez and Saadi, and Khawju Kermani’s memorium.

Accommodation: Elysee Hotel

Day 11 and 12: Qeshm island

On day 11, they got a flight from Shiraz to Qeshm island to explore its unique natural attractions including the Valley of Stars, Mangrove forests, and Chahkooh Canyon.

Accommodation: Caloudng Dehkhoda traditional homestay

Day 13: Hormoz island

Next morning, Lucas and Paula got on a ferry to get to Hormoz island which is well-known for its red beach and natural marvels such as the Rainbow mountains, and Red Stone fortress. In the evening, they got back to Tehran with a flight.

Accommodation: Ferdowsi Grand Hotel

Day 14: Tehran

On their last day of stay, they explored the northern parts of Tehran, including Saadabad complex, Niavaran Palace, and Darband area.

Accommodation: Ferdowsi Grand Hotel

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