An Adventure in Maranjab Desert and Salt Lake

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Mohamad Ali


6 hours

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Offered in English

What we’ll do?

Maranjab desert is located in the north of Aran and Bidgol city of Isfahan province. The bulk of the desert is covered with sandy hills and Sabulous. The salt lake of this area is counted as one of the best attractions of this desert.

Nothing boosts your spirit better than spending a day in the silence of the desert, surrounded by sand dunes. In this experience, we’re going to combine ancient history and pure nature to make a perfect memorable day.

We start from Noushabad Underground City which is created as a hand-cave under the texture of the city of Nooshabad as a collection of rooms, corridors, walls, and canals on three floors. 

The Maranjab Desert is the superstar of this experience. You'll be free to choose the way you want to enjoy your time in the desert. You can jump on the height dunes, have a lovely bonfire gathering, dance, listen to music, relax in the silence and maybe taste herbal tea.

We’ll finish the day at the nearby salt lake. This unique salt lake is covered with salt deposits that have formed over the centuries as floods and surface water have accumulated. The lake's salt depth varies between 5 and 54 meters squares, separated by layers of clay.

The spectacular beautiful night sky is the last attraction of the desert. You have time to lay down on the sand and watch millions of stars.

What's included?

- English-speaking driver-guide


- Noushabad's traditional coffee

What to bring

- Cap or sun hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses

- Suitable shoes for walking on sand

- Your favorite snacks

What else you should know?

- Breakfast, lunch, and personal expenses are not covered by this experience.

- Pick-up location: Your hotel in Kashan


- Noushabad Underground City

- The Maranjab Desert

- Maranjab Salt Lake

Where we’ll be?

Noushabad Underground City

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