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Fantastic Mosques of Iran; a Day Immersed in Culture and Religion

Shiraz Cultural




12 hours

Kapazität: 4

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

In this experience, apart from mingling with the locals of Shiraz and appreciating their culture, we’ll visit the city’s religious monuments with a focus on their antiquity, architecture, and religious importance. 

Our day begins at Nasir-ol-molk Mosque, the number one most popular attraction of the city, not least because of its vibrant pink tile work. Inside the mosque we’ll visit Zanjiry Shrine and see how Iranians speak with their god. 

We will also visit Qavam House; both a great history lesson and a pleasant leisurely walk, with a green garden that’s totally worth exploring. After visiting the beautiful Tomb of Seyed Alaeddin Husayn, we’ll go to Shah Cheragh. Although it looks rather simple on the outside, Shah Cheragh houses a dazzling mirrored interior that’s been wowing pilgrims and tourists alike year after year.

Before lunch, we’ll visit several other must-see’s of Shiraz, including Vakil Bazaar, Vakil Bath, and the Arg of Karim Khan. For lunch, we’ll have a taste of Shiraz’s signature dish, Kalam Polo, at an authentic and traditional restaurant. Don’t worry, dessert will be served shortly. 

After lunch, we’ll go to Qur'an Gate. Just near the gate rests Khwaju Kermani, a Persian poet and Sufi Mystic whose poetry sheds a new light on Sufism. After a short poetry lesson by Khwaju, we’ll check out Shiraz’s herbal extract shops and learn about the city’s popular and aromatic souvenirs. Meanwhile, we’ll also enjoy the sweet taste of authentic Faloodeh, a cold dessert similar to sorbet.

Last but not least, we’ll go to Haft Tanan Museum, where various historical precious stones are showcased in a picturesque garden. 

What's included?

- An English-speaking guide for the whole day

- Snack

- Drinks 

What to bring

- Proper shoes for walking

What else you should know?

- Breakfast, lunch and personal expenses are not covered by this experience.

- Pick-up location: Your hotel


- Nasir-ol-molk Mosque

- Zanjiry Shrine

- Qavam House

- Tomb of Seyed Alaeddin Husayn

- Shah Cheragh

- Vakil Bazaar

- Vakil Bath

- The Arg of Karim Khan

- The Tomb of Khwaju Kermani

- Haft Tanan Museum

Where we’ll be?

- Nasir-ol-molk Mosque

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