From Kings to Locals, Bathe and Dine Persian Style

Isfahan Cultural




7 hours

Capacity: 4

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

This evening, we learn about the history and importance of ancient bathhouses while getting a massage in one, then we spend the night with a kind and hospitable Persian family.

First, we go to Qazi Bathhouse, where we have a refreshing drink while learning about the history of Qazi Bathhouse, and all bathhouses in general; their culture, their importance, and their rituals. Afterwards, men and women are guided to their separate areas, given personal equipment and clothes to cover themselves up. Then you will receive a hearty scrub, freshen up using natural handcrafted soaps, and enjoy a relaxing massage. Finally, you get to spend some time in the Khazineh or pool, and leave having had a savory snack or drink.

For dinner, you’re invited to a purely Iranian home, where you’ll learn to cook age-old main dishes and desserts, wear the traditional garment of different Iranian locals, and listen to live Persian music. This family will also teach you how to play an instrument of your choice. We cap the night off with the dinner and desserts that YOU helped prepare. By the end of the day, you’ll be an expert in all the niceties and fine bits of the Persian culture.

What's included?

- Transportation from your accommodation to the attractions and back

- All entrance fees

- The evening at Qazi Bathhouse 

- The night with a Persian family

- Soft drinks, snacks, and dinner


Qazi Bathhouse

A friendly Iranian house

Where we’ll be?

Qazi Bathhouse