Live Two Days With Sar Agha Seyed Villagers

Isfahan adventurous




48 hours

Capacity: 4

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

Stuck in time, untouched by modernism, and off the beaten path, Sar Agha Seyed offers one of the most fantastic village experiences in Iran.

In this experience, your guide picks you up at Isfahan and after a drive through the scenic and spaghetti mountain routes, we arrive at your new home.

In this 600-year-old colorful village, people live a life completely devoid of our modern luxuries. While there is limited access to electricity and no access to the internet, the authenticity and simplicity of life here make for an experience of a lifetime. Moms build and use fire to keep the food cooked and the children warm, houses are made of whatever nature had to offer, the natural sites are secluded and untouched, and the culture has been passed down for hundreds of years.

We spend our first day in the village, getting to know its people’s lifestyle, eating their homemade and local food (made from unique ingredients only found in the mountains), learning their language, and visiting their cozy village’s attractions. Nights here are quiet and filled with bright stars, and you get to enjoy one at your own little village house.

On the second day, together with your guide, we discover the natural wonders hidden among the mountains. Trekking in the grass-covered fields, we get a better view of the village’s overall structure and visit their salt mine.

At the evening, we say our goodbyes and return to Isfahan with a backpack full of memories, and cameras full of pictures to help remember them.


Best Time to Visit
You can only visit this village during summer and spring.


Photography courtesy of: https://www.mehrnews.com/

What's included?

- Transfer to and from the village

- English-speaking guide

- One night accommodation in the village

- Two breakfasts

- Two lunches

- One Dinner

What to bring

- A backpack

- A camera

- Proper clothing

- Hiking and walking shoes

- A portable charger

- Personal medications, if you take any

What else you should know?

This village has no access to a network system or modern shops. So bring your favorite snacks and be prepared to be cut off from the rest of the world for two days.


- Sar Agha Seyed stepped village

- Sar Agha Seyed natural sites

- Sar Agha Seyed salt mine

Where we’ll be?