Kahak: A Unique Village Experience

Qom Cultural




5 hours

Capacity: 3

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

Every region in Iran has its own locals, living in secluded and appealing villages.

In this experience, after your guide picks you up at Qom’s city gate (Haftad-o-Do Tan Square) at 9 AM, we’ll go to one of Qom’s most charming villages, Kahak. Here, you get to explore the labyrinth of the village streets freely, while getting familiar with the local culture and the hospitable villagers of the area.

To keep you energized all the way through, we’ll also enjoy a taste of the ice cream unique to this village. This yummy dessert is made with the fresh milk of the livestock there, therefore, you will not taste the like of it anywhere else. This is also a great spot for finding other organic and natural goods.

Finally, on our way back, we’ll pay a visit to Mulla Sadra’s house, who was the leader of the Iranian cultural renaissance in the 17th century. Though simple, the house is charming and enchants with the beautiful adobe and plaster art that covers its interior.


Bets Time to Go

This village is best explored during spring, autumn, and winter.


Photo Credit: Wikicommons; Mostafameraji, Hojjat ataei

What's included?


- English-speaking guide

-Transportation from the city to the village and back

- Yummy local ice cream

- The entrance fee to Mulla Sadra’s house

- Snacks (sandwich rolls, fruit)

- Drinks (fruit juice, bottled water)

What to bring

- Proper walking shoes

- Your favorite snacks

- Bottled water


- Kahak Village

- Mulla Sadra’s house

Where we’ll be?

Kahak Village

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