Hike Your Way Up to the Fordo Village

Qom adventurous




10 hours

Capacity: 3

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

Lace up your hiking shoes nice and tight because today is all about nature and culture. About an hour’s drive from Qom, some 900 meters above sea level, lies Fordow village and its surrounding mountains.

In this experience, your guide picks you up at Qom’s city gate (Haftad-o-Do Tan Square) at 9 AM, and from there, together we’ll go for a hike in Fordow beautiful mountains. This experience gives you the opportunity to get lost in nature, and have a break from the hectic city life, while also admiring Qom from a different perspective. So make sure to bring your camera because along the way we witness fantastic views and natural sights that you’ll want to remember.

Our next destination is the cozy Fordo Village located amid the mountains, a great spot for buying natural and organic good. Here, you’ll get to taste the local Ash (a similar dish to a soup, but based in legumes) which is made with the freshest local ingredients. 

We have also made provisions for a simple lunch to keep you happy and energized all the way up and all the way back!


Photo Credit: www.eghtesadonline.com

What's included?

- Transportation from the city to the mountains and back

- English-speaking guide

- Snacks (sandwich rolls, fruit)

- Drinks (fruit juice, bottled water)

- Lunch

What to bring

- Proper hiking shoes or hiking boots

- A lightly packed backpack

- Bottled water

- Your favorite snacks

What else you should know?


- Depending on your level of expertise and wishes, we can go for a simple hike in the secluded areas, or arrange for a more serious expedition to the beautiful peak of the mountains.


- Fordo Mountains

- fordo Village

Where we’ll be?

Fordo Village

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