Music & magic night in Tehran

Tehran Cultural




4.5 hours

Capacity: 4

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

We'll take a cab and we'll visit the Milad Tower ( the sixth tallest telecommunicational tower in the world), where the whole city will be under your feet. Then, we'll go together to a different atmosphere where you can hear pop Persian songs and be with the young generation ( live show), there you'll also this chance how the young generation in Tehran spending their evenings. Then, your guide will tell you about Persian music and Persian poets. We'll talk about Mevlana or Rumi (13th-century great Persian poet & Sufi ). There also you can try Hookah ( Shisha or Ghelyan), drink a cup of Persian tea and then we'll eat dinner together there. 

What's included?

- All Transfer fee's

- One fun English-speaking guide

- All Entrance fee's

- Shisha & Persian tea

- Dinner

What else you should know?

** important  point **
( it's not open area Restaurant and people are smoking inside ) 


- Milad Tower 


Where we’ll be?

Milad Tower

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