A Train Ride Through Northern Iran

Tehran adventurous




15 hours

Capacity: 8

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

The north tourism train of Iran is the highlight of all touristy railways of the country. What’s unique about Iran’s tourism trains is they make a stop on the major attractions along the way, meaning you can hop off to enjoy each site on an intimate level.

This train leaves Tehran at 7:30 AM, but you best arrive 30 to 40 minutes early to have the time to find your seat. Our journey begins with a filling breakfast on the train, accompanied by the lovely views of Varamin, Garmsar (two scenic cities for a happy start to kick off this journey), and Hable Rood River. As the mountains get closer and closer, we make a stop at Shurab to have a break, take some pictures, and listen to stories about the railway we’re traveling on.

Continuing forward, our next stop is Veresk, where you get to shake hands with the rockstar of our train tour, Veresk Bridge. Nicknamed “the Victory Bridge” by Winston Churchill, she stands 110 meters high, and has even made an appearance in Guinness World Records book. This bridge ages back to some 80 years ago and was built by a Danish company after Reza Shah (Iran’s king from 1025 to 1941) gave the order. But before that, we see the famous Three Golden Lines (Se Khat-e Talaei), the very rails our train travels on, which get their name and fame from their golden color and seemingly parallel structure; shutterbugs, get your cameras ready because this one is for you.

Tummy growling? Worry not! We have the main meals of the day, including two servings of snacks hot and ready. For lunch and dinner, you will be served traditional Persian dishes along with a variety of side dishes (including salad and yogurt) and soft drinks.

Continuing forward, you’ve sure heard the phrase “the light at the end of the tunnel”. On this experience, we go through a three kilometer long tunnel, where from its very entrance you see the exit gate with the white sunlight coming through it; which is a nice straight break, considering how complicated and spaghetti-like this railway is.

Finally, having crossed the White Bridge, you get to relax, lean back, and enjoy the idyllic Shirgah’s lush forests. On the way to Tehran, dinner, snacks, tea, and a hot-red sunset await you. At around 10 PM, we arrive at Tehran Railway Station, where you can easily return to your accommodation.


Best Time to Visit

Although this tourism train is an experience worth having in all seasons, we highly recommend you schedule your trip for either autumn, spring, or summer, when the weather is just right.

What's included?


  • Train Ticket
  • Meals (Lunch, breakfast, 2 snacks)

What to bring

- Proper walking shoes, as you get to do some trolling in each stop.

- A backpack

- A camera

What else you should know?

- This experience is only available during on Thursdays and Fridays.


- Although the major appeal of this experience is the scenery, the guides give some interesting background stories and facts along the way. Unfortunately, they’re mostly in Persian. Therefore, we recommend doing some googling about the sites prior to your trip so you won’t feel left out.


- try to arrive at Tehran Railway station 30 to 40 minutes before your train's departure. 


Garmsar deserts

Hableh Rood River

Se Kaht Tala

Veresk Bridge

55 Gadook Tunnel

Shurab Village and Waterfall


Savadkuh’s famous tunnels

Orim and Kalantar bridges

Simin Dasht Plains

Zarin Dasht Plains

Where we’ll be?

Tehran Railway Station