From Carpet to Bracelet at Parvaneh Market

Tehran Cultural




3 hours

Capacity: 4

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

It’s time for a treasure hunt! In this experience, we’ll visit a very local, completely off-the-tourist-track bazaar.

Any other day, Parvaneh Parking acts as a car park, but on Fridays, local vendors and artists turn the place upside down by bringing buzz, bargain, color, and bustle. Together, we’ll go on a journey of discovering the handicrafts, antiques, foods, and fashion items that have earned this market all its love and glory. 

This isn’t just your everyday bazaar. After picking you up and taking you to the market, your guide helps you go over the stalls in each floor, where, you get to shop (or window-shop) for secondhand and antique knickknacks and jewelry unique to Iran and find quite a diverse range of handicrafts, from small bracelets to huge hand-woven carpets gathered from all over the country. You’ll even find some funky looking household goods that only kind grandmas and your knowledgeable guide know how to use.

But even if you’re not looking to splurge (which will not be an easy challenge), here, you not only get to meet some of the most artistic souls of Iran, buying and selling their own hard work, but you will also have the chance to hone your haggling skills in a fun and welcoming environment with the help of a local who can show you all the tips and tricks of shopping at a Persian market.


Best Time to Visit
This market is only held on Fridays, so schedule your visit with that in mind. 


Photograph courtesy of: https://www.yjc.ir, Maryam Hashemi; Wikicommons

What's included?

- Transfer

- English-speaking guide

- Snacks

What to bring

- Proper walking shoes

What else you should know?

- This market and experience is only held on Fridays.


Parvaneh Parking or Jomeh (Friday) Bazaar

Where we’ll be?

Your accomodation

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