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A Quiet, Starry, Desert Night's Dream

Yazd Cultural




5 hours

Capacity: 4

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

Spending some hours to watch the moon and the beautiful sky of Taft is the main purpose of this Tour. 

Taft is surrounded by mountains and hills, we go on top of one of them and relax with cups of tea, watching stars and hoping to see Meteorite 😉 Sitting around the fire, reading poems, listening to music and talking with each other or, if preferred, having some alone-quality time with yourself are all in the to-do list of this tour.

Then you can walk around and discover the area while the sun is rising. Meanwhile, we prepare a traditional delicious breakfast for you. 

To cap it off, we’ll have breakfast together under the beautiful sky of the sunrise time.

What's included?


Local tour leader


What else you should know?

Outstanding facilities such as sleeping bags (If you need) are NOT included.


  • Taft Mountains

Where we’ll be?

Nartitee Ecolodge

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