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Find Your Kerman Hotel at the Best Price among Colorful Options

Book top hotels for your holiday in Kerman, Iran using in-depth descriptions, and our best price guarantee.

Moshtagh Guest House

Shahbaz Traditional Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Pars Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Hezar Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Bam Tourist Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Akhavan Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Kerman Hotel

3 Star Hotel


Frequently Asked Questions

Summers are hot and winters are cold in Kerman. The best time to travel is April - June and August - October.

Pars Hotel is a little run-down but offers five-star service. Another popular option is the Golden Days Guest House.

Visit the Ganj- Ali Khan complex, see the other-worldly Kaluts in the Lut Desert, go to Shazdeh Garden, take a day trip to Bam's historic citadel and try some famous Kerman pistachios.

Your options for a hotel in Kerman are relatively limited.

Kerman Govashir Hotel is among the few budget hotels available which provide a satisfactory and comfortable budget accommodation with quite a few leisure facilities.