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Barandaz Tabatabaei lodge, Farahzad village (3km after Mesr village), Khur and Biabanak County , Isfahan Show on map

Barandaz Lodge

Barandaz Lodge is star accommodation in khur. Guests will enjoy Iranian hospitality and complimentary breakfast during their stay at Barandaz Lodge. Barandaz Lodge is recommended by 1stQuest for guests seeking traditional accommodation in khur. Learn More

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About Barandaz Lodge


Owned and ran by the Tabatabaei family, there are two houses in the Farahzad village near Khur city in Esfahan province. These houses, named Barandaz 1 and Barandaz 2, have been built long before being renovated and turned into a hotel in 2006.

Barandaz 1 is where most of the members of the Tabatabaei family have spent their childhood. And Barandaz 2 was later bought and added to the hotel.


Both houses are old, beautiful, traditional buildings that have been built with clay and thatch; perfectly representing the introverted architecture style of Persian villages that are located in the desert.

Barandaz 1 has 5 rooms and Barandaz 2 has 8 rooms.  The rooms of both buildings are big enough to be able to hold up from 5 to 12 people at a time.

Both these buildings feature a garden, a porch, kitchens, showers , bathrooms in both Persian and western style, and braziers that can be used to lit fire and make a special tea or just to sit around and warm up.

The lodge features a café, which is currently closed, and a souvenir shop where you can buy all sorts of ethnic handcrafts.

Around the entrance of the lodge there is a place where guests can gather around a big fire every night and enjoy each other’s company and the famous delicious Persian meat stew (abgusht) and some tea.

Location and Transport

As it was mentioned before, Barandaz lodge is located in Farahzad village, near Khur city in Esfahan province. It is the last residential village before reaching the heart of The Great Salt Desert. To get to this village from any city in Iran you can use public transport to get to Khur city and from there you need to take a cab to Farahzad.

Getting from Esfahan to Khur city with a bus takes approximately 7 hours.


Since Farahzad village is located near the desert you can explore the wonders of Dasht-e Kavir with the hotels special tours and you can visit beautiful places around the lodge like Takht-e Aroos Hill (The Brides Throne) (12 kilometers from the lodge), Reed-bed and ponds (an hour walk from the lodge), The Ancient village of Bayazeh and the Orange Castle (130 kilometers from the lodge), The beautiful, green Garmeh Village (1.5 to 2 hours from the lodge).


This hotel is perfect for backpackers and families who would want to visit the desert.




Facilities of Barandaz Lodge

  • 24-hour Front Desk
  • Air conditioning
  • Medical Services
  • Restaurant
  • Taxi Service

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Hotel Location

Barandaz Tabatabaei lodge, Farahzad village (3km after Mesr village), Khur and Biabanak County , Isfahan

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