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9 hotels & hostels in Tabriz

3 Star Hotel

Morvarid Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Gostaresh Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Tabriz International Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Laleh Kandovan Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Tabriz Petrochemical Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Tabriz El Goli Pars Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Shahryar International Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel

Orosi Boutique Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

Tabriz is best enjoyed in May-June and September-October. Winters are cold in Tabriz!

Kaya Laleh Park Hotel is the best hotel in Tabriz. Other popular options are Tabriz International Hotel and Shahryar International Hotel.

Visit the Blue Mosque and buy a carpet at the Tabriz Bazaar. Take a day trip to Kandovan to see the famous rock houses or the village of Jolfa to see some of the oldest Christian churches in the Middle East.

1. Kaya Laleh Park Hotel: A 5-star accommodation in Tabriz with easy access to the city center and Tabriz international airport.
2. Tabriz Elgoli Pars Hotel: A luxury hotel with a fantastic view of the town, located at the central park of the city.
3. Morvarid Hotel: A fantastic budget hotel that provides great value considering the price.
4. Tabriz International Hotel: A 4-star international hotel with a fantastic location. This hotel combines traditional and modern architectures and boasts a pleasant and lovely inner garden.