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Sar Cheshme Street, Khansar 87914 Iran Показать на карте

Pedari Guest House

Pedari Guest House is star accommodation in Khansar. Guests will enjoy Iranian hospitality and complimentary breakfast during their stay at Pedari Guest House. Pedari Guest House is recommended by 1stQuest for guests seeking traditional accommodation in Khansar. Узнать больше

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4 Bed Suite

4 Bed Suite

Вместимость: 4


От €143 | Ночь

Five Bed Suite

Five Bed Suite

Вместимость: 5


От €179 | Ночь

8 Bed Suite

8 Bed Suite

Вместимость: 8


От €300 | Ночь

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Sar Cheshme Street, Khansar 87914 Iran

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