Crusaders Iran; A Biblical Trip

8 Cities 12 Days



  • History
  • Private

Age Range

  • 15-80

Service Level

  • Mid Range


Trace the footsteps of enigmatic and praised biblical figures from the city to the rural villages. Whether you were born and raised reading the Bible's stories, or never cared for religion, this trip will enchant you and will shed a new light on a land so central in Christianity. We will visit various cathedrals, read the stories associated with them, and still manage to visit the iconic monuments of Persia. 

What’s Included

  • Meals


  • Transport

    1 private driver-guide to be with you for the whole trip

  • Accommodation

    3- or 4- star hotels

  • Additional Services

    Visa authorization letter, Travel insurance, Guided private tours of Tehran, Hamadan, Khorramabad, Ahvaz, Shooshtar, Isfahan, Yazd, Shiraz, Zanjan, Tabriz

  • Not Included

    Internatioal flights, other meals, personal expenses (like shopping), visits and activities not included in the plan

Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1: Tehran

    Home to Armenians

    Today you head to the Armenian quarters of Tehran. These are neighborhoods that a majority of Iranian-Armenians have called home for centuries. One of the most well-known ones is Villa Street, a street lined with handicraft stores and cozy cafes in which you get to taste the highlights of Armenian Persian sweets. Next, you can visit Saint Sarkis Cathedral, the biggest and one of the most beautiful cathedrals of Iran. For the evening, we recommend celebrating nightlife in either the Tabiat Bridge or the Milad Tower.

    Meals: Breakfast, 
    Accommodation: Hally Hotel
    Transportation: Private driver-guide’s car (to Hamadan) 

  • Day 2: Hamadan

    Travel Back in Time

    Traveling to Hamadan is the best method of time-travel yet! Rise and shine early morning and get ready for a drive towards Hamadan.  Here, we can check out the Cultural Heritage and Tourism Base of Hegmataneh, the impressive ruins of an ancient city. Next, you can visit the Tomb of Esther and Mordechai where, according to the Judeo-Persian tradition, Esther and Mordechai are buried.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Amiran Hotel
    Transportation: Private driver-guide’s car (to Khorramabad) 

  • Day 3: Khorramabad

    The Sky of All Skies

    Let's head towards Khorramabad, a city known for its cool weather and scenic citadel. En-route, we'll stop at Tuyserkan to visit the burial place of Prophet Habakkuk, a mysterious biblical figure with quite a modest tomb. Once you’re in Khorramabad, the ultimate must-see is Falak-o-al-Aflak Citedal.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Rangin Kaman Hotel
    Transportation: Private driver-guide’s car (to Ahwaz) 

  • Day 4: Ahvaz

    Ancient Jewish People

    Leave Khorramabad for Ahvaz. En-route, you get to stop at Susa to visit the Tomb of Daniel, where the hero of the biblical Book of Daniel is widely accepted to be buried. Next, we head to the 3200-year-old Chogha Zanbil to breathe the same air as the ancient Elamite people. While you’re in the region, make sure to check out Shushtar Historical Hydraulic System to learn about the genius architectural ideas of your Iranian friends' ancestors. 

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Pars Hotel
    Transportation: Private driver-guide’s car (to Shiraz) 

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An incredibly unique experience. This trip gave me a wholly fresh perspective. Aria was an Armenian citizen of Iran and he offered many bible readings and studies in most stops, which was very necessary since not all of them were preserved good enough. He helped find more appreciation for the sites and read parts of the Bible that I myself never realized were so closely connected to Iran and Persians. Of course, Iran has many beautiful sites and we also got familiar with the other religions in the country. You’d be surprised at how many religion minorities are present there. But the Biblical theme was a purely new take, especially for anyone who wants to expand their horizons and get more familiar with the holy book. A very eye-opening experience for the whole family.



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Good value for money!!!!!



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The Vank Cathedral was INCREDIBLE loved every min of this whole tour!



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The trip was a good length and you were able to see so much of Iran! Although it says its biblical really you are experiencing the culture and seeing so many cities that are not in any other tours.