Mashhad to Shiraz Highlights Tour

4 Cities 11 Days



  • Architecture
  • History
  • Nightlife
  • Culture
  • Private

Age Range

  • 2-88

Service Level

  • Pure Luxury


Discover the best of Iran on this exciting tour from Mashhad to Shiraz! Start in Mashhad, where you'll visit the awe-inspiring Imam Reza Shrine. Continue to Tehran to explore its vibrant culture and historic palaces. In Kashan, wander through beautiful gardens and traditional houses. Head to Isfahan for its stunning mosques and lively bazaars. Experience the unique architecture of Yazd and its ancient Zoroastrian sites. Finally, end your journey in Shiraz, home to the breathtaking Persepolis and lush Persian gardens. This tour is perfect for those who want to experience the rich history and diverse beauty of Iran!

What’s Included

  • Meals

    11 Breakfasts

  • Transport

    2 domestic flights, Transportation within and between the cities by a full trip English speaking driver guide

  • Accommodation

    11 nights’ bed & breakfast in above mentioned hotels (or similar)

  • Additional Services

    Visa Authorization letter, Travel insurance, Tour permits, taxes and governmental fees

  • Not Included

    - Visa collection fee payable to the embassy or Iran airport - International flights - Tip to driver guide - Lunches and dinners - All entrance fees - Whatever is not mentioned in included services

Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1: Welcome to Iran!


    Arriving at Mashhad International Airport, our guide meets and greets you and transfer you to the hotel.

    First day in Mashhad, we explore below highlights.

    1. Imam Reza Shrine: Start your day with a visit to the Imam Reza Shrine. Explore the beautiful architecture and witness the religious rituals at one of the holiest sites in Shia Islam.
    2. Goharshad Mosque: Adjacent to the shrine, visit the Goharshad Mosque, renowned for its stunning tilework and historical significance.
    3. Nader Shah Museum: Discover the history of Persia at the Nader Shah Museum. It houses a fascinating collection of artifacts and historical exhibits.
    4. Bazaar-e Reza: Explore the lively Bazaar-e Reza, ideal for souvenir shopping, handicrafts, and authentic Iranian goods. Sample local sweets and snacks.
  • Day 2: Mashhad


    Let’s begin today’s tour with visiting historical sites:

    1. Tomb of Khajeh Rabi': Begin your day with a visit to the Tomb of Khajeh Rabi', a significant pilgrimage site renowned for its architecture and spiritual importance.
    2. Mahdi Gholi Beyk Hammam: Explore the historic Mahdi Gholi Beyk Hammam, an ancient bathhouse offering insights into traditional Persian bathing rituals.
    3. Ferdowsi Tomb: Spend your afternoon at Ferdowsi Park, a serene green oasis named after the famed Persian poet Ferdowsi. It's an ideal spot for a leisurely walk.
  • Day 3: Mashhad to Tehran

    Mashhad to Tehran (Flight)

    We fly to Tehran today!

    First day in Tehran, let’s head north! we’ll once again admire the Pahlavi family’s lavish life; this time in their summer house and garden. We’ll visit Sa'dabad Complex and Niavaran Palace, where the royal family’s everyday items are kept. We’ll have a stroll in their big gardens and visit a couple of the art museums in the complex. This evening, we’ll go to Ab-o-Atash Park to see its musical fountains. We’ll cross the beautiful Tabiat Bridge to take selfies with the fantastic view of the shiny Tehran.

  • Day 4: Tehran


    Let’s begin today’s tour at Golestan Palace and shake hands with Iran’s most iconic kings; fromthe Qajar ones to the Pahlavi Shah. Our next stop is the National Museum of Iran. Then we’ll have a tea break in the smallest cafe in the world at Tehran Grand Bazaar.