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Frequently Asked Questions

Most Iranian bus companies provide their services in two classes: Standard and VIP. VIP buses are more comfortable and provide you extra room for leaning back, and stretching your legs. Some VIP buses might be equipped with seat monitors, Wi-Fi, etc. There’s no toilet in the buses but the drivers regularly stop across the route so that passengers can find public toilets, buy a snack, smoke, or just refresh. Except for very small portions of chocolates, biscuits, juice, or bottled water, no meal is served onboard. For longer trips, usually longer than five hours, the bus would stop at a refreshment area where you can buy a meal, sandwich, or snack.
Traveling with a bus is pretty safe in Iran. Drivers are obliged to follow some regulations and their records are constantly checked by ‘Police-E-Rah’ (literally ‘road police’). There are speed cameras on many routes and police stops on the way. If you find a driver overspending (the maximum speed is about 68 mph for highways and relatively less for local roads and at nights), or anything wrong, you can report it to a police at one of the stops. Remember to have your seat-belt fastened all the time.
You can book the buses one month in advance. Timetables and schedules for bus departures in an earlier time is not available.
Except for your ticket, no other document is needed to get on a bus. But, as a tourist it’s always a good idea to carry your passport.
To cancel your booked ticket, send us an email at [email protected] , 24 hours before the departure.
Changing your seat on the bus is possible, but should be arranged with the assistant driver. Remember that ladies are not allowed to sit in the very front row of the seats. Also, sitting a gentleman just beside a lady is frowned upon in many cases except for couples, or relatives.
Normally you’re allowed to carry a suitcase on a bus and you have to hand it to the driver assistant outside before getting on the bus to put into the booth. It’s a good idea to make sure to actually see that your suitcase is loaded onto the boot and not put your valuables in it. You can take a small hand luggage onto the bus; so, make sure to have a smaller bag for your valuables. For carrying an extraordinarily heavy or large luggage, you have to check it before getting on the bus and probably pay some extra fee. This is also the case for carrying a bike, or a pet, which is not really common in Iran.
Unfortunately, except for few private buses or coaches, buses are not equipped with special facilities for the disabled travelers. Keep in mind that the buses usually have three to four doorsteps.
These are the popular bus routes in Iran. You can find the distance and estimated duration for each route in the following table.



Estimated Duration


913 km  (567 m)

11 hours


450 km (280 m)

6 hours


937 km (582 m)

11 hours


253 km (157 m)

4 hours


825 km (513 m)

11 hours


504 km (313 m)

6 hours


325 km (202 m)

5 hours


620 km (385)

8 hours


151 km (94 m)

3 hours


150 km (93 m)

3 hours


322 km (200 m)

4.5 hours


187 km (117 m)

3.5 hours


682 km (424 m)

9 hours


570 km (354 m)

7.5 hours


367 km (228 m)

5 hours


441 km (274 m)

6.5 hours


491 km (305 m)

7 hours


319 km (198 m)

5 hours


206 km (128 m)

3 hours

Shiraz-Bandar Abbas

581 km (361 m)

8 hours

All You Need to Know to Get on a Bus in Iran

Booking Iranian domestic buses

Enter the date and places for your departure and arrival. Click on the search button to get a list of the available buses. Check out the list and choose the best one based on the provided information. The information you can find other the results include date and time, type of the bus, name of the company, available seats, and price. After choosing the bus, enter the required information and pay online. You’ll then receive an electronic receipt containing your ticket number. Note that the booking process is only completed when you get your ticket number. Refer to the bus company’s office at the bus terminal before departure and get your printed ticket by giving your ticket number. You’ll need the printed ticket to get on the bus.

Getting to the bus terminals in Iran

Bus terminals are usually located in highly accessible areas in the cities. There’s always public transportation available to connect the terminals to major parts of the city. In Tehran, you can use public transportation including ‘metro’ and ‘BRT’ to get to the terminals. These are relatively fast and substantially cheap means of transportation in Tehran. In Tehran and some major cities (like Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashahd, Tabriz, ...) you can also use domestic online taxi providers like ‘Snapp’, ‘Tap30’, etc. (which work like Uber); the services are usually very reasonable (most often less than 5 euros even for relatively long rides) and you can choose your destination on map without facing the troubles of getting to your address.

There are also taxi stations near bus terminals where you can instantly take a ride to your destination. Before taking a ride, don’t forget to have cash in Rials, as most drivers won’t accept euros or dollars. If you wanted more help, you can simply ask locals to help you find the terminal; you’ll never get disappointed. (Read our full Iran transportation guide)

Traveling with bus; pros and cons

In general, buses in Iran are standard and comfortable. Most roads are safe and there are highways for most popular routes. Buses are available for almost any route possible. They’re also much cheaper than flights and, sometimes, trains. Also, except for ticket control, there’s usually no formality involved. Depending on the type and class of bus, it is sometimes even more comfortable than other types of transportation as there are fewer passengers onboard and you have extra room for leaning back and stretching your legs. On the other hand, busses might be slower than other types of transportation, especially for longer distances.

Cancelation policy for bus tickets

  • Cancelations up to one hour before the departure will receive 90% of the price, and later cancelations will receive 50% of it.
  • Refund will only be transferred to the account number by which the ticket is booked.
  • Only the bus tickets purchased from 1stQuest are refundable.
  • A refunded ticket will no longer be available for purchasing again.
  • For purchases done via gift cards or blocked accounts, refunding is not available.
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