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An Adventure in Underground Cities, Maranjab Desert, & White Salt Lakes

Kashan adventurous


Mohamad Ali


6 hours

Capacity: 3

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

Nothing boosts your spirit up better than spending a day alone in the endless, orange, sand dunes. Today, we’re going to combine ancient history and pure nature to make one perfect day.

We start this experience in Noushabad Underground City, where 2000 years ago people sought refuge from their enemies, and where today you can find refuge from the heat. This is a complex labyrinth of hand-dug rooms and suites that together make one big city. Before leaving, we’ll also try the exotic herbs and chocolate coffee unique to this place.

Next, we’ll visit Mohammed Helal Shrine. This beautiful pilgrimage has all the beauty, artistry, and delicacy that go into the other famous shrines of the country, but without the hassle and crowd of such places.

Maranjab Desert is the superstar of this experience, where nature works its magic to help you let go of every last big of negativity. You’ll have the vast sandy dunes all to yourself to meditate, run up and down on, and take fantastic pictures of.

We’ll finish the day at the nearby salt lake, without which no desert experience is complete. Salt “lakes” are vast areas of crispy salt crystals that for funky polygon shapes naturally and on their own. Exploring these white grounds while learning about the natural sciences behind their unique shape makes for the perfect end to our trip.

Don’t worry about going home hungry. Throughput the day, we’ll make sure you have snacks, drinks, and a yummy dinner to cap it off!

What's included?

- An English-speaking guide

- Noushabad’s local coffee

- Soft drinks

- Snacks


What to bring

- Sun hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses

- Suitable shoes for walking and exploring sandy shoes

- An extra pair of socks

- Bottled water

- Your favorite snacks

What else you should know?

- Breakfast, lunch and personal expenses are not covered by this experience.

- Pick-up location: Your hotel


- Noushabad Underground City

- Maranjab Desert

- Kashan Salt Lake

- Mohammed Helal Shrine

Where we’ll be?

Noushabad Underground City

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