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Kerman is located in the deep-lands of one of the two major deserts in Iran that makes this city unbelievably hot during Iran summer and finding a nice accommodation with air-conditioning more essential than food. If you’re having trouble in finding some hotels in Kerman, here is a list of some of the best hotels in Kerman, the ones that you can’t easily pass on.

Pars Hotel

Pars Hotel

Pars Hotel, Kerman, Iran

First place on our list of best hotels in Kerman is going to Kerman Pars hotel, an excellent choice for tourists and travelers interested in seeing Kerman. This hotel, as put by many former guests, kind of gives you a homely and family-friendly vibe with a warm environment that helps you relax and feel welcomed and safe.

The modern Pars Hotel has over 170 rooms in an area of 32 thousand meters built on eight floors and is considered as one of the most equipped and completed hotels in Kerman that provides guests with the best amenities possible.

This five-star international hotel located deep in the heart of the ancient city of Kerman includes different facilities such as four restaurants and a coffee shop both serving a vast variety of Iranian and foreign foods and beverages. An indoor pool, a big and welcoming lobby, a garden colored with numerous plants, a free parking lot for everybody, and a gym packed with different types of equipment are some other satisfying features of Pars Hotel in Kerman.

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This luxurious guesthouse is only 10 minutes away from Kerman International Airport and 5 minutes away from the closest railroad station. However, these are not the only things that the hotel is built close to. The well-positioning of the hotels cut shorts the time guests need to spend to get to the city’s historical spots such as the Ganjali Khan Complex, Jameh Mosque, the grand bazaar, and other recreational places like Shazdeh Garden.

Kerman is melting hot during Iran summer and it’s safe to say that is not too pleasantly cool in other seasons too. That’s why you will appreciate the other recreational facilities like the sauna and Jacuzzi in the Pars hotel even more.

Golden Days Guesthouse

Golden Days Guesthouse

Golden Days Guesthouse, Kerman, Iran

What truly makes traveling to the historical and beautiful city of Kerman even more enchanting is the idea of sleeping at night in a guesthouse that’s preserved all the splendid Persian culture and hospitality. This fairly-new Golden Days guest house has been up and running since 2017 and accepting guests that really want to feel like they’re staying at a friend’s or family’s house.

The three stars given to this hotel can be easily explained by its skillfully designed bedrooms and balcony. Nearly every guest is amazed by the amount of effort and style that has been put into creating such an unforgettable environment.

You can book a room in any hotel in Kerman but this spectacular guesthouse is on a whole new level.  Hotel’s building has 2 floors and 6 rooms that each cozy room has its own TV, desk, tea maker, drawers, mini-fridge, and all other necessary amenities for an enjoyable and memorable stay in a tastefully furnished setting. Also, the rooms are super clean and air-conditioned and so spacious that you will feel like living in a palace.

If you’re an internet junkie, don’t feel worried since unlimited Wi-Fi connection is available throughout the complex. Unlike moderate hostels and hotels in Kerman, Golden Day Guesthouse’s rooms all have their own bathroom, after all, we’re talking about a three-star resort.

As one of the best, most desired hotels in Kerman, Golden Day Guesthouse offers travelers and tourists with a parking lot with a capacity of five vehicles. Also, good news for families is that the hotel is kid-friendly. All the children under the age of five can stay at the hotel for free. Little ones between 5-10 are half charged. You can use the billiard hall in your spare time. Roof restaurant, coffee shop, and traditional tea house are other amenities of this hotel.

This guest house is within walking distance from Moshtaghieh dome, Hamineh pizzeria, Sonia beauty salon, Farahzad café, Bastai Parizi park, and Delchasb restaurant.

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Eyvan Hotel

Eyvan Hotel

Eyvan Hotel, Kerman, Iran

Compared to other lovely hotels in Kerman, this one doesn’t look much from the outside but it only takes a few steps through the hotel’s door to open your eyes to the true Persian Ferdows or Paradise. In the lobby of Eyvan hotel, singing birds on trees in a small-sized Persian garden with pools of water create a mental image you can never forget. The three-star Eyvan hotel is the best fit for anyone who’s looking for a tranquil environment with a neat and yet simple design.

As for rooms, they are filled with what you can expect from a three-star modern hotel. Private bathrooms with showers, TV sets, western toilets, and free toiletries. The rooms are always clean but exceptionally large. Furnishing and interiors might not be the most conventional features of the rooms but the mouthwatering breakfast, which is built in the room price by the way, surely makes up for the old looks.

The hotel is at the city center and from the traditional masterful courtyard of it, finding your way to Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine is easy peasy. Also, because of its wonderful location, you have easy and straight access to public transportation which makes sightseeing and visiting historical hotspots just as an easy as walking through the ever-green Persian garden of the hotel to one of the most important shrines in Kerman.

As of hotel amenities, Eyvan hotels provides its guests and occupants with a large variety of comforting facilities and amenities. A free parking lot with the capacity of 30 vehicles is ready to take good care of guests cars. Baggage storage, different types of restaurants, a coffee shop, deposit boxes, a teahouse, and taxi services are just a few more of the services Eyvan hotel presents its guests with.

Hezar Hotel

Hezar Hotel

Hezar Hotel, Kerman, Iran

Among the best hotels in Kerman, Hezar Hotel shines brightly. It’s situated in a quiet street that’s only a 15-minutes-walking-distance away from the city center. This is a newly renovated hotel with totally-restored and well-equipped rooms that are clean and neat. There are many popular historical sites near this hotel like the grand bazaar of Kerman. Actually, Hezar Hotel is the newest and closest hotel to the commercial, administrative, tourism and tourist centers of the Kerman Market and is near the oldest beautiful park of the city called Neshat Park, so, buying traditional Persian handmade souvenirs and gifts for family and friends can be so swift and enjoyable since it takes you for a walk under the domes of the old bazaar.

Hezar hotel has over 40 rooms and 5 suites that all of them are spread throughout 5 different accommodating floors.  For better comfort of its guests, each room is set with a refrigerator, a TV set, a telephone, a tea maker, and unlimited free internet connection. As expected of one of the best hotels in Kerman, each room has its own bathroom stuffed with free toiletries and fresh clean towels.

The breakfast buffet of this hotel can use some improvements but the taste of fresh local bread with newly baked eggs in the morning is a big plus. Unlike many older hotels, Hezar Hotel’s management aims at giving its guests the best relaxing and calming experience instead of them introducing them to pure ancient Persian culture and history. Therefore, if you’re just looking to a nice clean guesthouse to spend your nights in and are not looking for authenticated traditional Persian house, then Hezar Hotel is one of the best low-price hotels in Kerman that can meet your needs. You can book Iran hotels easily through 1stQuest.

Kerman Tourist Guesthouse

After a busy day of sightseeing and strolling through the streets of an ancient city like Kerman, what really relaxes you is knowing that you’re welcomed in a very moderate and clean governmental guesthouse designed to accommodate travelers. This guesthouse is not as luxurious as other hotels in Kerman but definitely passes for an acceptable lodging spot. Hotel rooms are very decent and very clean. It’s well located in the city and public transportation is not too hard to come by. However, reviews given to this guesthouse are in-the-middle-of-the-road.

The Kerman tourist hotel is a typical hotel that can be classified as a decent spot to stay a couple of nights. The staff is kind and very helpful and despite the resorting complex being governmental, the rooms are clean and big enough which altogether make this old hotel more gratifying. The overall quality of the breakfast is good but there is definitely room for some improvements. If you find yourself not satisfied with its quality, a very good restaurant is just 5 minutes of walking distance away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Summers are hot and winters are cold in Kerman. The best time to travel is April - June and August - October.

Pars Hotel is a little run-down but offers five-star service. Another popular option is the Golden Days Guest House.

Visit the Ganj- Ali Khan complex, see the other-worldly Kaluts in the Lut Desert, go to Shazdeh Garden, take a day trip to Bam's historic citadel and try some famous Kerman pistachios.

Your options for a hotel in Kerman are relatively limited.

Kerman Govashir Hotel is among the few budget hotels available which provide a satisfactory and comfortable budget accommodation with quite a few leisure facilities.