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Alan Boutique Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Zandiyeh Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Shiraz Grand Hotel

Darvash Traditional Boutique Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Niayesh Hotel

Iranmehr Boutique Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Forough Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Vakil Hotel

Sepehri Traditional House

Darbe Shazdeh

Darbari Hotel

3 Star Hotel

KarimKhan Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Elysee Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Aryobarzan Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Homa Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Pars International Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Setaregan (stars) Hotel

Taha Traditional Hostel

Emarat Haft Rang

Mahmonir Traditional House

3 Star Hotel

Beyn Ol Harameyn Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Shiraz Roodaki Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Royal Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Arg Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Persepolis International Hotel

1 Star Hotel

Keyvan Hotel Shiraz

4 Star Hotel

Park Saadi Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Chamran Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Talar Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Atlas Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Parseh Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Park Hotel

Toranjestan Traditional Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Nasir Al Molk

Panjdari Traditional House

Lotus Guest House

Shidgar Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Shams Apartment Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Takhte Jamshid Tourism Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Anahita Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Rhyton Hotel

Celebrated as the heartland of Persian culture for over 2000 years, Shiraz is renowned for its wine, poetry, education, and nightingales. The city was once the capital of Iran during the Zand Dynasty (AD 1747 – 79), when many of Shiraz’s astounding buildings were built or restored.

Every corner you turn offers another surprise, a peek into Shiraz’s mystique and ancient culture. Convinced Shiraz is on your bucket list but you don’t know where to stay? Check out my top 10 luxury hotels in Shiraz.  You can book Shiraz hotels online easily with 1stQuest. 

1. Zandiyeh Hotel

Zandiyeh Hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel located in the historic capital of Iran. The hotel is close to Karimkhan Citadel in Jejrat and a few minutes away from the airport. Explore all the sights and sounds the city has to offer and return to your luxury home. Guest at Zandiyeh Hotel gets nothing short of VIP treatment.
Hotel facilities include café for your finely brewed coffee, internet in the lobby, fitness center, a praying room and satellite. Enjoy fine dining at the restaurant or take a refreshing dip in the pool. Guests can book their room of choice either online or by visiting the hotel’s physical location.

Zandiyeh hotel Shiraz

Zandiyeh hotel, Shiraz, Iran

2. Shiraz Grand Hotel

This is perhaps the most luxurious hotel in Shiraz. The hotel boasts world-class facilities and amenities just as you can find in top destinations across the world. The major highlight of the hotel is its ship-like façade. It is one of the prominent buildings you’ll come across as you enter into Shiraz.
Covering over 4000 square meters, Shiraz Grand Hotel provides 65 rooms, all designed with amazing facilities that guarantee a comfortable stay. The hotel sits on top of a mountain, so you enjoy a panoramic view of the city. The hotel is child-friendly and features a volleyball court, jumping board and ping-pong tables. The conference rooms are ideal for meetings and conferences with your business partners. Don’t miss the Maroccan Relaxing Garden, a waterfall within the hotel facility. Enjoy your favorite cocktail at the pool bar.

Grand hotel Shiraz

Grand Hotel, Shiraz, Iran

3. Homa Hotel

This is yet another five-star hotel located right in the heart of the city. Homa Hotel opens its doors to Shiraz visitors with its world-class facilities, dining area, sporting facilities, and recreation centers. Staffs at the hotel will do everything possible to provide all the care and comfort you need.
With over 230 rooms well arranged on 10 floors, each room offers great views of the city. Book a stay in the Homa Hotel and experience the authenticity of Shiraz. Other amazing features include free parking, free Wi-Fi, swimming pool, 24 hours taxi services, spa, meeting rooms and fitness salon.

Homa Hotel Shiraz

Homa Hotel, Shiraz, Iran

4. Pars Hotel

Located in the Karim Khan Zand Street in the central region of the city, the Pars International Hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Shiraz. The hotel is just 10 minutes away from the terminal and 20 minutes to the airport. It is also close to popular attractions such as the tomb of Saadi, Eram Garden, Delgosha gardens, Khajavi Kermani, and Kollah Farangi.
The Pars Hotel is made up of two buildings and 13 floors with 188 rooms. Each room features a safe, wireless internet, climate control, and a telephone. Free breakfast is available to all guests. If you’d like a taste of international cuisine, visit the onsite restaurant. Even if you have foreign currency, you don’t have to wait in line at the money changers; the hotel accepts all foreign currencies.

Pars hotel Shiraz

Pars Hotel, Shiraz, Iran

5. Taha Traditional Hotel

Taha Hotel features a gorgeous and traditional patio. The property features dorm-style rooms and private rooms. Enjoy a good night rest on comfy beds. Each of the 20 rooms also has a TV, small fridge, and air conditioning.
One of the major highlights of the hostel is the beautiful, ancient patio. Here you will find a fountain and stunning architectural design. Taha Hostel is near to some of the best attractions in the city which include Azadi Park, Karim Khan Citadel and Naris Al-Mulk Mosque.

Taha Traditional Hotel Shiraz

Taha Traditional Hotel, Shiraz, Iran

6. Shiraz Royal Hotel

If you are looking for an accommodation that’s close to the city’s historical monuments, check in at the Shiraz Royal Hotel. This four-star hotel provides guest with one of the best accommodation options in the city. Friendly customer service, personalized attention, and great facilities all make Shiraz Royal Hotel a favorite among travelers.
The hotel features fully equipped rooms and suites as well as café and restaurant for a fine dining experience. Swimming pool, Jacuzzi, sports club, conference room, and massive size lobby are some of the onsite amenities. This modern hotel has almost all the amenities you can probably think of.

Royal Hotel Shiraz

Royal Hotel restaurant, Shiraz, Iran

7. Shiraz Setaregan Hotel

If you love breathtaking views, Shiraz Setaregan Hotel offers this in abundance and much more. Take a look through your window and marvel at the breathtaking views beneath you. Located in the northern part of Shiraz, Setaregan Hotel is not far from the heart of the city. Guest who craves relaxation will get a double dose of it here.
Keep in touch with your loved ones with free internet service. Each fully equipped room has a bathtub, mini bar, refrigerator, coffee and tea making facilities, TV and satellite channels. Enjoy fine dining at either the modern or the traditional restaurant.

Setaregan hotel

Setaregan Hotel, Shiraz, Iran

8. Elysee Hotel

Just a few kilometers away from the popular Afif-Abad Garden lies the noteworthy 4-star Elysee Hotel. Renowned for its amazing location, Elysee Hotel is just 25 minutes from Shiraz International Airport. The hotel has 68 rooms fully equipped with a safe, wireless internet and cable TV. Each room also has a mini bar. From the time you check in to check out, expect to get VIP treatment.
After a stressful day touring the best attractions in the city, return to your bedroom and take a steam show right in the comfort of your own bathroom. Other amenities include a fitness center, a wellness center, spa, massage room, free parking, café, and restaurant. Your stay at Elysee Hotel delivers an experience you can’t forget in a rush.

Elysee hotel Shiraz

Elysee Hotel, Shiraz, Iran

9. Karimkhan Hotel

Centrally located in Shiraz, Karimkhan Hotel helps guest experience one of the best travels of their life. The hotel setting is slightly traditional, and all staff members are adorned in their traditional dresses.
The hotel has 51 rooms, and it is made up of single, double rooms and suites. Every room comes equipped with the following amenities to make your stay a memorable one: electronic card system of doors, TV set, bathroom, Wi-Fi, a safe, minibar, and telephone. All rooms are kept clean. You will enjoy your stay at this tranquil hotel.

Karim Khan hotel Shiraz

Karim Khan Hotel, Shiraz, Iran

10. Chamran Grand Hotel

This is a 5-star luxurious hotel, and it also prides itself as the tallest building in Shiraz. Located in Ghasr al-Dasht district, the hotel has 30 floors with 250 luxurious rooms and suites. The 24th and 25th-floor houses various kinds of local and international restaurants. The ultramodern facilities and coffee shop will make your stay at this luxurious hotel a pleasant one. While you enjoy bed and breakfast while vacationing in Iran, you can enjoy the beautiful views below. Guests can book a stay at the Chamran Grand Hotel Shiraz online.

Chamran hotel Shiraz

Chamran Hotel, Shiraz, Iran


Frequently Asked Questions

Spring and Autumn are the best times to visit Shiraz.

Shiraz Grand Hotel for five-star luxury, KarimKhan Hotel for a mid-range traditional style hotel and Friendly House for budget travelers.

All travelers to Shiraz must visit the Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque (The Pink Mosque), Vakil Bazaar and take a day trip to Persepolis.

Compared to cities like Isfahan and Tehran, Shiraz hotels are relatively inexpensive.

 Depending on your hotel, for a night at a double room, a typical traveler would pay something between €30 and €50.

  You could also find some classy budget hotels for €20 a night, and some very luxurious accommodations for up to €70 a night.