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Safikhani Boutique Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Dad Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Moshir Al Mamalek Garden Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Laleh Hotel Yazd

5 Star Hotel

Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Fazeli Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Malek Al Tojar Traditional Hotel

Toranj Hotel

Yazd Friendly Hotel

Delkhash traditional guesthouse

4 Star Hotel

Arg e Jadid

4 Star Hotel

Fahadan Museum Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Firoozeh Traditional Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Traditional Kohan Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Ketrova Boutique Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Shahre Jahan Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Narenjestan Traditional House

Sunny Land Guest House

Aghazadeh Historical Complex

4 Star Hotel

Sib-o Nar Hotel

Nartitee Ecolodge

3 Star Hotel

Al Zahra Hotel

Jungle Hotel

Shaarbaf Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Lab e Khandaq Historical Hotel

Ali Baba Traditional Hotel

Silk Road Hotel

Zein o Din Caravanserai

3 Star Hotel

Mozaffar Traditional Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Mehr Traditional Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Khane Dohad

1 Star Hotel

Adib Almamalek Hotel

Hooman Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Shah Abol-Ghasem Boutique Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Darbar Hotel

Sarayejahangard Ecolodge

Tarooneh traditional Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Orient Traditional Hotel

Khesht Abad Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Zanbagh Hotel

Yazd, which is also spelled as Yezd, is the capital of Yazd province which is located in central Iran. This city is as old as one can say and dates as far back as the 5th century CE. Marco Polo defined it as “the noble city of Yazd.” Most of the city lies on barren line covered with mostly sand and the climate in Yazd seems to be fantastic.

Yazd is linked to mounting Shīr Kūh by water transporting tunnel. Yazd also served as a provincial capital during the time it earned the Title of Dār al-ibade which translates to “Home of Piety” due to the fact it had so many religious buildings. Presently, Yazd is the last center of Zoroastrianism as the ancestors fled here when Iran was being conquered by Muslim Arabs. if you want to learn more about Yazd, check out this article: travel to Yazd
All these included, Yazd is home to a lot of great hotels and here is a list of the best Yazd hotels to visit and stay.

1. Dad Hotel Yazd

Dad Traditional Hotel in Yazd is located just at the very heart of the city. It is labeled a 4-way star hotel and is in a place where you can get to so many attractions such as the Badgir also known as wind catchers, making it a great place to spend your visits to Yazd.
This Hotel is enriched with modern facilities and comfort while giving you a taste of traditional services and hospitality, making it an offer you just can’t help but love. When you stand at the roof of this hotel, you can have a great view of all over the city.
This hotel offers you a total of 88 rooms with a beautiful combination of Iranian classic decoration and modern facilities. These modern facilities include a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, restaurants for both international and traditional cuisines and so many more.

Dad Hotel, Yazd, Iran

Dad Hotel, Yazd, Iran

2. Moshir Garden Hotel Yazd

Moshir garden hotel is a four-star hotel which is located just at the center of Yazd city. This hotel covers a large area of about 13000 square meters, and it is also the very first garden-style architectural design in all of Iran.
This hotel is at a location Which has so many side attraction close to it and has rooms which are beautifully decorated with old Persian traditional styles. There are a number of 3 restaurants in total, wedding halls; a standard equipped Sports Club, a large conference hall, security, ATM services, parking and so on.
Restaurants here give you a taste of the finest local and foreign meals. So why not book a room today at Moshir Gardens?

Moshir Garden Hotel, Yazd

Moshir Garden Hotel, Yazd, Iran

3. Parsian Safayieh Hotel

This is a five-star hotel, and it is in a place where there are beauty and greenery all around you in Yazd. You can have access to other parts of the city from this hotel without difficulty. Parsian Safayieh is considered amongst the very best in the entire country and is also the only hotel with an ISO 22000 standard.
There are thorough environmental care and tolerance in the hotel, making it eco-friendly and beautiful at the same time. There is a total of 192 rooms and suites with each room and bathroom being equipped to go standard with the inclusion of air conditioning, hairdryers, satellite TV, telephone, minibar and so much more. you can book Yazd hotels easily through 1stQuest.

Parsian Safaeeieh Hotel, Yazd, Iran

Parsian Safayieh Hotel, Yazd, Iran

4. Mehr Traditional Hotel

Known to be one of the best renovated historical mansion in all of Yazd, Mehr traditional hotel stricture is one of over 200 years old and was built in the Qajar era by a famous local goldsmith.
This Hotel features both modern amenities mixed with beautiful traditional architecture, that way visitors get-go enjoy both at the same time. It possesses so many features such as large dining halls, wind catchers, porches, stained glass decorations, a beautiful rooftop with a great view and so much more. If you also love visiting traditional places, here’s the best option for you as they are all around this hotel.

Mehr traditional Hotel, Yazd

Mehr traditional Hotel, Yazd, Iran

5. Laleh Hotel

The Laleh Hotel is located just by the side of Golshan water reservoir and has its own fair share of both modern and traditional mixture set up. This hotel is strongly believed to be a monument of the Qajar period and before becoming a hotel was a residential house up until the year 1978. In the year 2000. It was then reconstructed to a hotel and visitors began trooping in.
There are facilities here to suit every visitor who might be in need of any, and they include air-conditioning, free Wi-Fi, parking, large conference halls, coffee shop, etc. You would also like to know that is the hotel is close to Golshan, which is a historical water reservoir.

Laleh Hotel, Yazd

Laleh Hotel, Yazd, Iran

6. Mozaffar Traditional Hotel

This beautiful hotel located in the old city of Yazd has a lot to offer such as great hotel facilities and luxury. Facilities here include the traditional coffee shop, restaurants which offer traditional and foreign cuisines as well as skilled personnel to handle any challenge you might face or inquiries you might have.
In Mozaffar Traditional Hotel, there are 19 rooms with bathtubs as well as a cooling system, free Wi-Fi, fax, children’s park, an open and traditional area Which are close to the rooms. There are also coffee shops, airport transfer and yours in and out of town. You would also be pleased to know that there is a discount offer made to people who stay over 4 nights and a Buffet Breakfast.

Mozaffar Hotel, Yazd

Mozaffar traditional Hotel, Yazd, Iran

7. Fahadan Museum Hotel

Fahadan museum hotel is at an old mansion known as the Tehraniha house, and it belonged to the Qajar era. This was where the Tehrani family, who were carpet traders lived over 250 years ago.
This Building has a lot of both traditional and modern mixture, giving you all it is that you need and was as far as being nominated on the list of national legacies. The hotel includes a total of 3 courtyards, which includes the main courtyard and also a pavilion, lofty traditional halls, a total of 3 attractive wind catchers, a basement, historical quarters and so on.
Here, national guests and international guests are highly welcomed all year round as they aspire to meet all your requirements, expectations and a whole lot more.

Fahadan Hotel, Yazd

Fahadan muzeum Hotel, Yazd, Iran

8. Lab-e-Khandagh hotel

Lab-e-Khandagh hotel is located at an old mansion known as Tayyebi house in Lab-e-khandagh. Here, the buildings go Way back to the late Qajar era and are also close to the ancient bazaars as well as Qiam avenue.
There are so many facilities such as internet services, Iranian services, prayer rooms, fridges, coffee shops, etc.

Labe e khandagh Hotel, Yazd

Labe e Khandagh Hotel, Yazd, Iran

9. Arg e Jadid Hotel

Arg e Jadid Hotel is located in Yazd and is the very first adobe structured city in the world made in the area of historical monuments of high regards. When viewed from the outside, it has more of a brick and adobe design just as the courtyard does. Meanwhile, the interior is more of the modern touch. There are over 130 rooms, 2 ceremonial halls, w total of 12 halls, conference halls, 24 hours room service, and so many others.

Arg e jadid hotel Yazd

Arg e Jadid Hotel, Yazd, Iran

10. Malek Al Tojjar Hotel

Malek Al Tojjar hotel is also an ancient mansion Which once belong to Haj Ali Askarshirazi and over 4 of his generation lived in the house. It posses beautiful porcelain, a terrace, an eye-catching courtyard, a beautiful wind catcher, a big pool, a mirror room, and so many other things
This is one of the first mud brick hotels in the world and has a total of 23 rooms and 77 beds. Restaurants which serve both local and international meals are at your disposal as well.

Malek al tojar Hotel Yazd

Malek al Tojjar Hotel, Yazd, Iran

Frequently Asked Questions

Yazd gets very hot in the summer. Early March to early May are the best times to enjoy Yazd.

Dad Hotel

For the past 91 years, Dad Hotel has been among the top choices of Yazd’s visitors. From its humble beginnings in 1982, to its present form, this was a place with one goal only: to provide a comfortable and authentic lodging. Today, Dad hotel Yazd, has matured into an ingeniously traditional yet fantastically comfortable and modern refuge for those who wish to experience Yazd at its best.

Parsian Safaiyeh Hotel

History and experience went hand in hand to turn Safaiyeh Hotel into the gem that it is today. This family-friendly hotel has combined the best of both modern and traditional worlds into two buildings; one dedicated to its spacious and modern rooms, suites, and lobby, the other a traditional and clement garden with various suites scattered all over. What’s more, the hotel is located in quite a pleasant area of Yazd with a fantastic access to your beloved attractions.

Laleh Hotel

The epitome of luxury and culture, Laleh Hotel Yazd, was home to a wealthy family some 250 years ago. After three years of hard work, renovation, and preservation, this giant family home became ready to welcome Yazd’s visitors in exactly the type of place such tourists need: authentic, comfortable, and unique rooms, surrounding a charming courtyard, where you get to experience life in historical Yazd in a fancy and private lodging.

Moshir Al Mamalek Garden Hotel

Yazd is blessed with historic houses, Moshir Garden being their superstar. Home to a finance minister during the Qajar era, Moshir Garden has retained its integrity with hospitable and fashionable staff, real-life Qajar characters, and a peaceful garden. The hotel is well-pitched for a luxury Yazd experience: think traditional beds in the restaurant, fresh Yazd dishes, exotic birds, and comfortably spacious rooms.

Visit the Zoroastrian Fire Temple, hire a bike and ride around the old village, enjoy the cakes and pastries and get out of the city and experience with wide open spaces of the nearby deserts.

We recommend you pay close attention to your itinerary.
If your Yazd trip includes group tours or focuses on the historical attractions of the city, you might want a hotel that’s closer to the main attractions and doesn’t put a strain on your budget. Yazd Jahangardi Hotel is a good example of such accommodation.
On the other hand, if you will spend most of your time traveling solo or exploring the desert, you might be better off reserving a room at a traditional hostel or a desert caravanserai.