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Laleh Bistoon Hotel

Laleh Bistoon Hotel - это 5 звездное жилье в Керманшах. Гости будут наслаждаться иранским гостеприимством и бесплатным завтраком во время их пребывания в Laleh Bistoon Hotel. Laleh Bistoon Hotel рекомендуется 1 -й квестой для гостей, ищущих Традиционный размещения в Керманшах. Узнать больше

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Located in Bistoon mountain’s foothill, Laleh Bistoon hotel ages back to 400 years ago, the days of Safavid dynasty. This hotel was renovated in 2016 under the management of Laleh hotel chains.


This property has a total of 21 spacious room, each decked simply and equipped with a TV, a mini-fridge, bed lamps, and basic furniture. All rooms have an en-suite bathroom with a shower and all the necessary toiletries. Since this premise is rather aged and traditional, its rooms do not feature windows. Free Wi-Fi is available throughout. Breakfast is served daily in Laleh Bistoon hotel.

Their peaceful restaurant serves a variety of Persian cuisine. They also have a coffee shop serving refreshing beverages and delicacies.

Other amenities and services offered by Laleh Bistoon hotel include a barber shop (exclusively for men), a parking, wake-up calls, concierge, and dry cleaning.

Public Transport

Laleh Bistoon hotel is located out of the main city by the mountains; therefore, it doesn’t have access to public transport.

Access to Airports and Railroads

This hotel is a 24-minute drive (30 km) from Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani Airport, and a 27-minute drive (34 km) from Kermanshah’s railroad.

Nearby Attractions

This hotel is within walking distance from Shab Haye Bistoon (Bistoon’s Nights) restaurant, and a 36-minute drive (36.9 km) from Kermanshah and its restaurants, cafes, and attractions.

Distance from Main Attractions

Travel times may vary depending on the traffic.

  • Mount Behistun: a 12-minute drive (1.8 km)
  • Taq-e Bostan (Arch of the Garden): a 28-minute drive (30 km)
  • Shafei Mosque: a 35-minute drive (39 km)
  • Moaven Almolk Takiyeh: a 34-minute drive (38 km)
  • Kermanshah Flower's Garden: a 36-minute drive (42 km)
  • Statue of Hercules: a 9-minute walk (750 m)
  • Khosro bridge: a 21-minute drive (19 km)
  • Bisotun World Heritage Site: an 8-minute walk (650 m)


This residence is mainly recommended for families and friends.


Услуги отеля Laleh Bistoon Hotel

  • Круглосуточная стойка регистрации
  • Кондиционер
  • Хранение багажа
  • Кафе
  • Прачечная
  • Мини-бар
  • Ресторан

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Laleh Bisotun Hotel, Bisotun, Kermanshah

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