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17 hotels & hostels in Kish

4 Star Hotel

Maryam Sorinet Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Dariush Grand Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Marina Park Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Toranj Marine Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Panorama Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Aramis Plus Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Vida Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Shayan Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Shaygan Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Sadaf Sorinet Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Aramis Hotel

5 Star Hotel

Parmis Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Parmida Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Grand Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Eram Grand Hotel Kish

3 Star Hotel

Fanoos Hotel

2 Star Hotel

Paniz Hotel

Here is the list of the best hotels in Kish island:

1. Dariush Grand Hotel, the best hotel in Kish Island

A simple look at its grand design tells you all you need to know about Dariush Grand Hotel Kish. With an architecture resembling that of Persepolis, the hallmark of Achaemenian art, this accommodation lives up to all the expectations it raises. The premise extends 121,330 square meters and located in the eastern north part of Kish.

The interior of the property has been delicately decked with stone poles, sculptures, and other relics of the Achaemenian Empire. You can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee right in the luxurious lobby’s café.
Dariush Grand Hotel has spacious rooms, decorated with warm colors and offering a relaxing homely feel. Their rooms have a view of either the azure sea or the green gardens of the hotel, which is great for those who like relaxing walks.
This outstanding hotel has two restaurants, catering to every taste, and three coffee shops to help get you refreshed after your long days of touring on the island. you can book kish island cheap hotels easily through 1stQuest.

• Diving
• Pools
• A tennis court
• A message plaza
• A paintball field
• A fitness center
• A billiard room

Dariush grand hotel Kish

Dariush Grand Hotel, Kish, Iran

2. Maryam Sorinet Hotel

The deluxe Maryam Sorinet hotel was constructed with a baroque-inspired architecture in mind in 2004. The premise occupies an area of 7000 square meters and has 3 floors with 55 comfortable rooms. If you are looking to shop in Kish’s famous shopping centers, this charming hotel would be the perfect location.
From the inside, the hotel is softly lit with a beautiful chandelier extending from the top floor to the first, and its corridors and halls have the ambiance of traditional Persian summer houses.
Maryam Sorinet hotel has well equipped and beautifully decked rooms, with wood paneling on some of their walls and spacious balconies overlooking the city.
Food lovers should know that all three courses served by the hotel are delicious and abundant. This hotel also has a coffee shop serving refreshing delicacies for when you need a cozy evening. If you want to know more about Kish island, check out this article: a travel guide to Kish island

• A hairdresser
• A lounge
• Taxi service
• Dry cleaning
• Car rental
• An extensive minibar

Maryam Sorinet Hotel Kish

Maryam Sorinet Hotel, Kish Island hotels, Iran

3. Toranj Hotel (one of the best hotels in Kish)

Toranj hotel’s cozy rooms have been placed in a paisley pattern above Kish’s turquoise waters, giving it the most unique design seen throughout the country. The hotel has another set of rooms under construction for those wishing to have a suite on the land.
Although the rooms have all the comforts of a five-star hotel, by far their most prominent future is their glass floor that allows the guests to witness all the wonders of the sea right under their feet. All 100 rooms also have a private balcony atop the extensive Persian Gulf and are connected via the wooden pier.
Toranj hotel has a restaurant above the sea serving a verity of appetizing dishes, along with a coffee shop on the beach.
The owners of Toranj hotels are also well known for their meticulous care in preserving the environment this accommodation owes all its fame to, and they encourage their guests to maintain this attitude throughout their stay. if you want to travel to Kish, it’s not necessary to get an Iran visa, for more information check out this article: How to enter Iran without a visa.

• Golf carts (for transportation to and from the suites)
• Free transfer services
• An atelier
• A shop
• A spa
• A kids’ playground
• A fitness center

Toranj hotel Kish

Toranj Hotel, Kish Island hotels, Iran

4. Marina Park Hotel, the Most Beautiful Hotel in Kish Island

Marina Park Hotel and its one-of-a-kind design encompass an area of more than 100,000 square meters. This classy hotel was established in 2011 to offer a private resort complete with shops, water activities, restaurants, fitness centers, etc.
Into sports? Marina Park Hotel has all the activities you could ask for. They have private cycling roads, beautiful walking paths, a beach park, a tennis court, and a pool.
All rooms in this hotel are modern, spacious, and have been carefully equipped to satisfy all the needs the guests may have. They also have an eye-catching view of the beautiful coral coast surrounding the hotel.
Marina Park hotel’s restaurants offer a display of tasty dishes, ranging from traditional Persian ones to plates of fresh seafood. Their garden restaurant is the perfect spot for a peaceful meal in the clement beach weather. They also have various coffee shops and a traditional teahouse.

• Conference halls
• A spa
• A park
• Shops
• Car rental
• Transfer services

Marina park hotel Kish Iran

Marina Park Hotel Kish Island hotels, Iran

5. Eram Grand Hotel Kish

Do you love shopping near the beach? Then you should look no further than Eram Grand Hotel Kish. This beautifully structured hotel is located within walking distance from Kish’s top shopping centers. The whole establishment takes up 50,000 square meters on the highest spot of the island’s eastern north side.
More than 70% of the rooms in this premise have an attractive view of the blue Persian Gulf. The hotel was last renovated in 2017 and has lively, spacious rooms equipped with all you need for a comfortable stay.
Eram Grand Hotel has three restaurants, but it is most well known for its revolving restaurant that offers a complete view of the whole island and its wonders. They also have two coffee shops, one regular and the other one on the terrace with beautiful scenery. There is also a traditional teahouse for those looking for an authentic Safavid experience.

• A spa
• A billiard room
• A spa
• A barbershop
• A handicrafts shop
• Conference halls

Eram Grand hotel Kish

Eram Grand Hotel Kish, kish island hotels Iran

6. Sadaf Sorinet Hotel

Like her twin sister, the gorgeous Sadaf Sorinet hotel provides a comfortable lodging close to Kish’s biggest shopping centers. The interior of the hotel has been decked with modern furniture and decorations. A 27 meters high manmade mountain and waterfall have been established by the hotel providing beautiful natural scenery.
Sadaf Sorinet hotel has tastefully decked expansive rooms. Although among the more affordable options in this list, the hotel has all the amenities required for an enjoyable stay. The rooms are all equipped with furniture, a safety deposit box, a fridge, a TV, and a tea maker.
This hotel has two restaurants. Dolphin restaurant serves traditional Persian cuisine, while Kouh-e-Nur restaurant has a view of the waterfall and offers international dishes.

• A conference hall
• A courtyard
• An atelier
• A parking
• A traditional teahouse

Sadaf Sorinet Hotel, Kish, Iran

Sadaf Sorinet Hotel, Kish island hotels, Iran