Through Classic Iran with the Nomads

4 Cities 8 Days



  • History
  • Culture
  • Private

Age Range

  • 20-40

Service Level

  • Mid Range


Iran’s nomads are loved through and through for their traditional lifestyle unique to themselves. In this untour, we’re going to have a taste of their homely and modest everyday life while visiting all the classics; from the New York of Iran to its delicate and colorful mosques. In this journey we will not only learn tons about culture of different cities, but we will also get intimately close to one of Persia’s most ancient groups.  

What’s included?

  • Transport

    1 domestic flight, 1 ٍprivate driver-guide for the whole trip

  • Accommodation

    4-star hotel (1 night); Traditional hotel (5 nights); Qashqai nomads' tent (1 night)

  • Additional Services

    Full day of living with the nomads; Guided tours of Tehran, Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz; Visa authorization letter; Travel Insurance

  • Not Included

    International flights, other meals, personal expenses (like shopping), visits and activitie snot included in the plan

Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1: Tehran

    Foodie & Nightlife

    Welcome to Tehran! From the Shah to the Jazz, today we’re leaving no stone unturned. Let’s begin this trip at Golestan Palace and shake hands with Iran’s most iconic kings; from the Qajar ones to the Pahlavi Shah. Our next two stops are the National Museum of Iran and the Treasury of National Jewels. Following that, we’ll take selfies with THE Azadi Tower herself. Then we’ll have a tea break in the smallest cafe in the world at Tehran Grand Bazaar. For dinner, we’ll go where the cool kids hang out, at a Rock Cafe or a Jazz Café.

    Meals: Breakfast, and lunch or dinner  
    Accommodation: Saina Hotel
    Transportation: Private driver guide

  • Day 2: Isfahan

    Meet Iran Minorities

    Once we reach Isfahan, we’ll go to Naqshe Jahan Square and up a terrace with the same view of the square as the one in the brochure pictures. Then, one by one we’ll visit its iconic landmarks including Shah MosqueSheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and Ali Qapu Palace. And while we explore the Grand Bazaar, you get to visit a handicraft workshop in person. Tonight, we’ll have a leisurely stroll and a delicious dinner at a cheerful restaurant near Si-o-se-pol or Khaju Bridge.

    Meals: Breakfast, and lunch or dinner  
    Accommodation: Isfahan Traditional Hotel
    Transportation: Private driver guide

  • Day 3: Isfahan

    The Sounds of Persia

    Today we’ll go to the golden girl, the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan. Want to have a chat with a real Mullah (an Islamic cleric or mosque leader)? No problem; we’ll arrange that for you! Then, we’ll head to Jolfa Street, the Armenian quarter of Isfahan, where you’ll find cozy cafes, historical city structures, old towns, and of course, the magnificent Vank Cathedral; the highlight of all Isfahan walking tours. After a delicious cup of Armenian coffee, we take you to Isfahan Music Museum, to see Persian musical instruments, learn how to play one, and enjoy a live performance!

    Meals: Breakfast, and lunch or dinner  
    Accommodation: Isfahan Traditional Hotel
    Transportation: Private driver guide

  • Day 4: Yazd

    Adobe Old Towns & Zoroastrianism

    After long hours on the road, we can spend the rest of the day leisurely exploring Yazd’s old town. You can also book cycling experiences for this part of the town if you’re feeling up to it. But if you’re looking for a way to just relax, Dowlat Abad Garden will make for romantic night. Yazd is a fantastic place to witness Zurkhaneh Rituals, an ancient sport done to the beating of drums, singing, and music. And since we're in Yazd, we'll take you to the most beautiful rooftop in town, so you can have the stunning view of the whole city under your feet. 

    Meals: Breakfast, and lunch or dinner  
    Accommodation: Dad Hotel
    Transportation: Private driver guide

Frequently Asked Questions

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what a trip! This tour for me and my wife was a true realeif and a beautiful festival of colour, culture and art with such wonderfull ppl specially the qashqaei nomad ppl that had marvlous taste in food and clothing. Our experience in shiraz also was really nice and the masqati was so yummy. also really appriciate the support team of 1stquest for their countiniues care and support. this trip was really worth it



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to be honest I was really nervous before coming to iran spacially with the pictur that media built over these years about unsafety in iran. But let me tell you it was trully bullcrap. Each and every city that we visited was safe and ppl are unbelieavably humble and kind. our experience with nomads was insanely fun! we did help their amazing women to make hand made butter and also drink fresh dough! highly recommend this tour you will not regret it



Verified Purchase

our hotel in isfahan was a piece of heaven for real! Me and my family bacame a true fan of iranian culture and we already plan our next trip to tis wonderland! The budget that we spend for tis memorable 8 days was totally worth it and we couldn’t believe how perfect and high quality our services was with a really affordable price iran is so underrated and i think ppl understimate the baeuty of this great country


Russian Federation

Verified Purchase

I was really really shocked by the purness of culture and how far it goes through out the years, our hotel in tehran was really great and the guide that bring us to golestan palace was a true charrming person. And finally I wanna thank zara the great girl from 1stquest support that made our trip way easier.



Verified Purchase

I was heared about 1st quest from one of my friends and we took a risk on it and belieave me that was totally worth it. A really graet company with such a powerfull support team and graet options to choose from! Our journey with qashqai nomads wad beautifull and our isfahan exparience was perfect!

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