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Play with the Dolphins of Hengam Island

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Offered in English

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In this experience, we’ll rise and shine early morning and have a boat ride to the crystal clear waters of Hengam Island. This island is famous for having waters so clear that the locals call it a natural aquarium, where otherwise hidden marine creatures are perfectly visible from the surface of the water.

Plus, if the 400 friendly dolphins of the area are in a good mood, they’re likely to poke their nose out or even jump out and pose for you. So have your camera ready!

Next, we’ll go to the silver beach in Hengam. Here, we can visit the local market, where the kind ladies of the island sell their homemade snacks, along with traditional island decorative and handicrafts. You can also let them draw beautiful designs on your hands with their locally made henna temporary tattoos.

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- Snacks

- Beverages

- An English-speaking guide

- Transportation from your accommodation in Qeshm to the island and back 

- All rides

What to bring

- Comfortable shoes for walking on the sand


- Historical attractions
- Natural attractions
- Handicraft workshops

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Qeshm, Land of Marvels

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