Paddle board in the Mangrove Forest of Qeshm

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Enjoy the serenity of the protected area of the mangrove forest in Qeshm island by a full day of the stand-up paddle. This activity is suitable for all ages and physical conditions, as it doesn't require an intense physical effort and is easy to practice for beginners.


By exploring the mangrove forest on a paddleboard, you can progress smoothly and quietly in this peaceful environment full of migratory birds. At low tides, you'll go on foot inside the mangrove for some "gel bazi" (playing in the mud).


Lunch will be served on a traditional wooden boat (lenj) at the heart of the mangrove forest. From there, you can rest, take the sun, swim, dive, and continue having fun on paddleboards until sunset!


Note: in case of heavy wind, the activity may be postponed.

*Best time to visit: from October to April

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  • Full day paddleboard with an international licensed coach
  • Equipment renting
  • Water and Refreshment

Capacity: up to 18


  • Mangrove forest in Qeshm island

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Coludang Dehkhoda

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