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Isfahan Educational




18 hours

Capacity: 6

Offered in English

What we’ll do?

You probably know Iran is a desert country and you have probably heard about famous desert nights full of bright stars. What you probably didn’t know is that Iran is a country with some of the darkest nights in the world which automatically makes it a great country for observing the sky in the best possible conditions.

In our full-day astronomy tour, we will take you 90 minutes outside Esfahan to an isolated castle close to the city of Naein. Castle Mazrachoo that resembles a caravanserai serves as a traditional guesthouse where we will provide you a unique astronomy lesson. While enjoying the sunset with a cup of tea a short introductory presentation about the basics of astronomy will help us understand the sky and what we will later be able to see. When it gets dark we will also explain how astronomy can be interesting while observing the sky only with naked eyes. With a laser pointer, we will show planets, constellations and give a brief insight into mythology, horoscope, and tradition before finally using a professional telescope to see and learn more about stars, nebula, and galaxies. We will teach you how to read the sky map and then find stars yourselves because we believe that is the best way to make astronomy interesting. With such an interactional approach, you will learn the “alphabet” of astronomy and already become an amateur astronomer. After dinner, we will go to sleep and then wake up at night before sunrise to observe with the telescope again because at that time of the night there are a lot more visible and interesting objects in the sky. After breakfast, we would greet the morning sun and with the help of solar filters watch sunspots on it to show how astronomy can be interesting while observing the sky also during the day. The tour is run by Fariba, a semi-professional astronomer with experience from teaching in schools and organizing public sky observations.

What's included?

  • Transportation (Esfahan – Mazrachoo, location of sky observation – Esfahan)
  • Food (tea, dinner, breakfast)
  • English speaking guide and lecturer 

What to bring

  • Suitable clothing


  • Theoretical introduction to astronomy
  • Interactional night sky observation with a professional telescope
  • Sleeping in a traditional guesthouse
  • Daytime sky observation to see the sunspots

Where we’ll be?


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