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4 Star Hotel

Irman Boutique Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Fulton Hotel

3 Star Hotel

Singo Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Avina Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Arta Hotel

4 Star Hotel

Qeshm Eram Hotel

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Ataman Hotel

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Arakta Hotel

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Mars Hotel

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Artemis Hotel

Pagroom Palm Ecolodge

So if you want to include activities such as Diving, Shuttle riding, Fly boards or any kind of water sports into your trip to Iran, consider putting the “Qeshm island” on your top destinations list.

This island is located in the south of Iran in Hormozgan province.
it is the largest island in the Persian Gulf and has many diverse beaches. Qeshm’s area is 1491 square meters and it is interesting to know that this number doubles the total area of Bahrain!
Qeshm island’s resorts are perfectly designed for both families with kids, spending a fun holiday and young adventurers.
Also good choice for romantic getaways!
Mostly the numbers of rooms are under 200 and they have average quality but Luckily in the past 5 years there’s been huge investments in accommodations of Qeshm island so if you’re used to luxury hotels or the 5-star hotels standards you will have at least 2-3 choices there. there’s also cheap options for backpackers like hotel-apartment or boutique hotels which we’ll review in the following.
My recommendation is that to choose the nearest hotel or hustle or whatever type of resort you prefer to have easier access to the Persian Gulf beach or shopping malls and not to waste time or money on transportation!

Now Let’s take a look at Qeshm island hotels:

1. Eram Hotel Qeshm:

It’s a 4-star hotel in Qeshm Island hotels.
The hotel building has 5 floors and about 100 rooms with different classes. Eram hotel qehsm facilities include:
1. easy access to all important tourist attractions in the city such as shopping malls and the Persian Gulf Coast.
2. Billiard hall
3. message
4. 24h reception
5. luggage room and etc
But the online users seemed to be discounted with the services provided by the staff there.
Overall people online rated this hotel 3/5.


Eram Hotel Qeshm, Iran


2. Fulton Hotel Qeshm

It’s a 2-star hotel and is located on the Persian Gulf Boulevard.
Fulton company is the first producer of private yacht and ships in Iran. At first Fulton, Hotel was a residential place for Yacht factory which was built in order to only support company international guests and high-rank employees of the company. However, after while the manager of the company decided to develop its facilities to be a hotel which has a lot to offer.

Facilities such as rooms, suites and villa with different capacity added to it later.
This Qeshm hotel consists of three buildings, one with suites and rooms, the other with apartments and one building for villa, which is completely separate from the other two. Fulton hotel qeshm facilities include:
1. the location and its proximity to the beach
2. Parking
3. swimming pool, Jacuzzi
4. airport transfer
5. coffee shop
fun fact: children under 3 years old are free!
the guest’s comments online were positive
(and they seemed satisfied with the friendly staff there the cleanliness and food and all the services and the only problem was with the size of the rooms which some users claimed were still definitely enough)
Overall Fulton hotel isn’t a luxury in Qeshm hotels but it’s been rated 4.5/5 online3.


Fulton Hotel Qeshm

3.Khalij Fars Hotel

The 3-star hotel standards Khalij Fars hotel (whose name literally translates to “the Persian Gulf hotel”) is a modest accommodation, free for all children under the age of 6! The hotel is a 10-minute drive from the main city, which means you get to stay from all the hassles of the city life while having an easy access to its major attractions. Plus, the hospitable staff and caring managers are renowned for doing their best to make your stay simple yet memorable.

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Khalij Fars Hotel, Qeshm, Iran

4. Singo Hotel

It’s a 3-star hotel with 65 rooms. This Qeshm hotel is in the heart of the “Dargahan shopping center” it is also near the “Darya shopping mall” which includes more than 1500 retailer shops.
Distance to airport: 40 minutes by car
Distance to sea: 90 meters
Checking in: 2 PM
Checking out: 12 PM

Singo Hotel features include:
1. Restaurant
2. Free Wi-Fi
3. Breakfast
4. Airport transportation
5. Business Center with Internet Access
6. Children Activities
7. Wheelchair access
8. Beachfront

Generally, Singo hotel is rated 4.5/5 online and is highly recommended.

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Singo hotel qeshm island

Singo Hotel Qeshm, Iran


5.Arta Qeshm Hotel

Also, a 4-star new luxury hotel in Gheshm that started working in 2017
It has 7 floors and 48 rooms (44 double rooms, VIP, honeymoon suites, 4 single rooms) with overall 130 beds.
If you’re looking forward to a business meeting in Qeshm or just want a quiet atmosphere to get some work done Arta hotel might be the best choice so far with facilities like:
1. Conference room (Separated cost)
2. Fax and photocopier
3. Printing machine
4. Free Wi-Fi

Also, other usual services like restaurant, coffee shop, parking are available

Since Arta hotel is a newly opened hotel there are not many reviews on the services or personnel behavior but it has a 4/5 rating after all.

arta hotel qeshm,newest in qeshm island hotels

Arta hotel Qeshm, Iran

6. Irman Boutique Hotel Qeshm:

This one is also a new hotel opened in February 2017
It’s the first boutique hotel in Qeshm Island with a beautiful and unique design, mesmerizing architecture the greatest part is that the building and its interior design is a creative mixture of both traditional and modern style and if you’re interested in old Iranian architecture but also love a modern environment in accommodations Irman hotel qeshm is the best choice for you.
It has 5 floors and each floor has its own specific type of architecture and design and 38 rooms and suites with full amenities, area of the room is 50m. The hotel’s privileges include:
1. Easy access to the Persian Gulf’s Beach
2. major shopping malls on the island, including City Center
3. trained and experienced staff seize the opportunity to host you and strive to provide a memorable stay
4. each room is designed with its own special color
5. free Wi-Fi

but keep in mind: that it’s a non-smoking hotel!

So far Irman hotel is the only 5/5 rated by guests.

irman hotel qeshm island

Irman Boutique Hotel Qeshm, Iran

7.Persia Hotel Apartment

Also a newly opened hotel (in 2017)
it has 5 floors and 24 rooms
It’s one of the most luxurious hotels in Qeshm Island hotels.
The Persian Gulf can be reached in 3minuets
And a 7-minute walk to the shopping centers and shopping malls with a genuine and enjoyable shopping experience.
Except for the usual amenities, Persia hotel has 2 major superiorities
1. the price is a really good deal
2. one should only pay for the airport transfer because all the other tourist attractions (castle of Portuguese, the Persian Gulf beach and shopping malls) are really close to the hotel
3. children under 5 years old are free
Overall it has been rated 3.59/5 by online users


Persia Hotel, Qeshm, Iran

8.Sadaf Surinet Hotel

It’s one of the hotels of the Surinet Hotels Group, the hotel is designed by the latest international standards.
The interior design and decoration are elegant and beautiful, as well as an Iranian architectural role repeated in the ceiling.

The Surinet Shell Qeshm Hotel has 55 rooms, all of which include:
1. a Roman service
2. a breakfast buffet (cold and hot)
3. a lunch buffet (Iranian, green and salad bar)
4. an evening buffet (fruit)
5. tea and coffee making facilities
6. safe box
7. Wi-Fi
8. airport transfer
9. minibar
overall it’s more of a luxurious Qeshm island hotel and not suitable for backpackers or strict budgets.


Sadaf Surinet Hotel, Qeshm, Iran