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Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

Abbasi Hotel Isfahan هو الإقامة 5 نجمة في Isfahan. سيستمتع الضيوف بالضيافة الإيرانية ووجبة إفطار مجانية أثناء إقامتهم في Abbasi Hotel Isfahan. يوصى بـ Abbasi Hotel Isfahan بواسطة 1stquest للضيوف الذين يبحثون عن أماكن إقامة فخم في Isfahan. يتعلم أكثر

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حوالي Abbasi Hotel Isfahan


Abbasi is a 5-star hotel, it is one of  the oldest and biggest hotels  in Iran. The property has an 18th century architecture and is placed in the historical region of the city, hence, it owns a great deal of importance. The Abbasi’s main building was once the caravanserai of the Madraseh-ye Chahar Bagh; arranged around a huge garden of ponds and towering cedars, and with a view of the madraseh's lovely dome beyond, this is a very special place to stay. Abbasi hotel, now a 300-year-old building in the heart of the city Isfahan, a museum referred to as "Nesf-e-Jahan" (meaning half of the world), a monument which as local and international tourists, historians, leading architects and professional tourists claim, carries the nickname "The world's most beautiful hotel". Here, the spirit living in the patterns and paintings, the interplay of colors and light and the fluidity of beauty have submitted to the capital for the genuine art and drawn on the body of the building, as though being around between the doors and walls is sauntering along a walkway to the past and present, where the patterns come to life drawing the fervor of the beauty of the predecessors' art in the eyes of the beholder. Abbasi has 225 double rooms and suits in 3 floors.


Abbasi Hotel has 1 to 6  person apartments available with a view of the ,  firoozeh garden and the chahar bagh school and the hotel area. The rooms are standard, very clean, and well decorated. With every room comes free breakfast and room service. The rooms feature both Iranian and western style toilets, a bathroom, free Wi-Fi , a TV, fire extinguishing system, IPTV, free water, tea and coffee maker, furniture (beds, couches, drawer, coat hanger, and a closet), a phone, a fridge, heating system, and cooling system.

Breakfast is served on the galley floor of the main restaurant, ringed about with gorgeous murals, while dinner is served in the main mirrored hall below. With a sweeping staircase, extravagant chandeliers and piano music, you can almost forgive the average food. A sport collection of pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, fitness room, and message halls is provided for your entertainment.

Nearby Attractions

This hotel is of great importance due to its location because it is close to some of esfahans most beautiful places like naghsh e jahan , menar jonban building, 8 behesht palace and siosepol





مرافق Abbasi Hotel Isfahan

  • مطعم
  • موقف سيارات
  • اللوبي إنترنت
  • حمام السباحة
  • تيهاوس
  • مكتب استقبال يعمل على مدار 24 ساعة
  • معالجة الأمتعة ضيف
  • ساونا
  • تلفزيون الضغط
  • إنذار حريق
  • مصعد
  • درج الطوارئ
  • مكتب جولة
  • صندوق الإيداع الآمن
  • أخضر
  • زيروكس
  • مقهى
  • ميني بار
  • آلة تلميع الأحذية
  • منتجع صحي
  • ماكينة الصراف الآلي
  • نظام إنذار
  • تكيف
  • خدمة سيارات الأجرة
  • غرفة الصلاة
  • الفاكس
  • حوض الاستحمام الساخن
  • طابعة
  • مكتبة
  • مخزن البضائع
  • قاعة الرياضة
  • مغسلة
  • الخدمات الطبية
  • مركز التسوق
  • ردهة
  • تحويل العملات

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يرجى تحديد مواعيد تسجيل الوصول وتسجيل المغادرة لرؤية الغرف المتاحة والأسعار الدقيقة. قد تختلف الأسعار.

Garden View Twin Room

Garden View Twin Room

سعة: 2

من $116 | ليلة

Double Room

Double Room

سعة: 2

من $104 | ليلة

Twin Room

Twin Room

سعة: 2

من $104 | ليلة

Garden View Double Room

Garden View Double Room

سعة: 2

من $116 | ليلة

Pardis Suite

Pardis Suite

سعة: 2

من $164 | ليلة

Qajar suite

Qajar suite

سعة: 2

من $201 | ليلة

Safavi Suite

Safavi Suite

سعة: 4

من $320 | ليلة

موقع الفندق

Amadegah St., Chahar Baq-e Abbasi Ave., Isfahan

القواعد والسياسات

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من 14:00


قبل 12:00

الأطفال والسرير الإضافي:

All children under 5 years can use an existing bed for free.

All children from 5 to 10 years are charged EUR 13.78 per night in a crib/bed

أسرة إضافية:

Any additional older than 10 or adults are charged 27.56 EUR per night for extra beds.

قواعد وشروط خاصة:

Debit/Credit Card

International credit/debit cards aren’t accepted at this accommodation.

Money Exchange

Money exchange is available with slightly higher rates for EUR and USD currencies.


Pets are not allowed.

Events held in this hotel

This accommodation celebrates Norouz and Islamic Eids with live music.



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