No 19, Third Alley Baharestan Koy, El Goli, Tabriz Iran عرض على الخريطة

Orosi Boutique Hotel

Orosi Boutique Hotel هو الإقامة نجمة في Tabriz. سيستمتع الضيوف بالضيافة الإيرانية ووجبة إفطار مجانية أثناء إقامتهم في Orosi Boutique Hotel. يوصى بـ Orosi Boutique Hotel بواسطة 1stquest للضيوف الذين يبحثون عن أماكن إقامة فخم في Tabriz. يتعلم أكثر

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حوالي Orosi Boutique Hotel

In the midst of our bustling lives, there comes a moment when we yearn for nothing more than a sip of tranquility, the embrace of comfort, and the delight of absolute pleasure. Orosi Hotel is the manifestation of a dream, a journey embarked upon in the relentless pursuit of a peaceful sanctuary, which ultimately found its home in a land adorned with countless memories and extraordinary people.

Our journey, inspired by the gifts of nature and enriched by the touch of remarkable artisans, is a testament to the power of art. From the sturdy brick domes that grace our architecture to the shade of our generous trees, from the mesmerizing stained glass that dances with sunlight to the luxurious carpets that cushion your every step, and from the magnificent ceramics that adorn our spaces to the many other wonders you'll discover within our walls—this journey culminates in the form of Hotel Orosi.

Let us serve you a potion crafted with drops from the boundless ocean of artistry—a potion that promises not only comfort and serenity but also an experience of sheer delight. Hotel Orosi invites you to step into a world where art and hospitality converge, where every detail is a brushstroke on the canvas of your memories.

مرافق Orosi Boutique Hotel

  • مكتب استقبال يعمل على مدار 24 ساعة
  • تكيف
  • مقهى
  • مصعد
  • إنذار حريق
  • مكتبة
  • ردهة
  • اللوبي إنترنت
  • تلفزيون الضغط
  • طابعة
  • صندوق الإيداع الآمن

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Double Room

Double Room

سعة: 2

من $111 | ليلة

Quadruple Room

Quadruple Room

سعة: 4

من $155 | ليلة

Twin Room

Twin Room

سعة: 2

من $111 | ليلة

Triple Room

Triple Room

سعة: 3

من $122 | ليلة

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No 19, Third Alley Baharestan Koy, El Goli, Tabriz Iran

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children between 2 to 9 are not allowed

قواعد وشروط خاصة:

Any type of extra bed or crib is upon request and needs to be arranged with hotel reception at check-in time.

Additional fees are not calculated automatically in the total cost and will have to be paid for separately during your stay.

Debit/Credit Card

International credit/debit cards aren’t accepted at this accommodation.


Pets are not allowed.

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