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  • Architecture
  • History

Age Range

  • 9-99

Service Level

  • Tight Budget


So you want two weeks in Iran, on a budget, and as authentic as it gets? We’ve got just the deal for you! Iran is one of the few countries where you can have the trip of a lifetime regardless of your wallet’s size. That’s why we’re taking you on a cultural trip, visiting all the iconic landmarks, seeing all the famous cities, and eating well; all at the cheapest price possible. This is Iran at its best and most affordable. 

What’s included?

  • Meals

    All breakfasts

  • Transport

    Public buses to transfer between the cities, 1 domestic flight: Shiraz-Tabriz, 1 domestic flight: Tabriz-Shiraz, private-driver guides for day tours and desert trips

  • Accommodation

    2* or 3* top-rated hotels, cozy traditional houses

  • Additional Services

    Day tour of Persepolis; day tour of Abyaneh; day tour of Kandovan; day tour and night camp at Shahdad Kalouts; visa authorization letter; travel Insurance

  • Not Included

    Internatioal flights, other meals, personal expenses (like shopping), visits and activities not included in the plan

Trip Itinerary

  • Day 1: Tehran

    Tasty Nightlife

    Welcome to Tehran! From the Shah to the Jazz, today we’re leaving no stone unturned. Let’s begin this trip at Golestan Palace and shake hands with Iran’s most iconic kings; from the Qajar ones to the Pahlavi Shah. Our next two stops are the National Museum of Iran and the Treasury of National Jewels. Following that, we’ll take selfies with THE Azadi Tower herself. Then we’ll have a tea break in the smallest cafe in the world at Tehran Grand Bazaar. For dinner, we’ll go where the cool kids hang out, at a Rock Cafe or a Jazz Café.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Hally Hotel
    Transportation: Domestic bus (to Kashan)

  • Day 2: Kashan

    Eden in Desert

    Rise and shine early morning, because en route to Kashan we’ll take you to see the impossible: the Shrine of Emam Khomeini. Then we'll get the original Kashan Sohan (a saffron toffee) to snack on throughout the trip. Once in Kashan, we’re going to visit the Fin Garden, the shining star of all Persian gardens. We’ll also take you to see the most beautiful and charming historical houses in Iran, and while we’re there, we’ll visit the ancient Yakhchāl (coolers) of Jalali Castle. After a delicious lunch, we’ll head to the gorgeous Agha Bozorg Mosque and its grand theological school.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Traditional Atlasi Boutique Hotel

  • Day 3: Abyaneh

    Discover an Ancient Village

    Rise and shine early morning for you are getting a touch of the village life today. En route to Kashan, we'll visit Abyaneh, a 1500-year-old village, fresh as apples, and red as blood! Apart from the red-colored houses, the villager's traditional floral customeshomemade and organic sweets and food; and the lively green scenary all make this one of the most charming villages in Iran. Continuing forward, you arrive at Kashan in the afternoon, where you’ll have just enough time to visit its old neighborhoods that house Tabatabai House. Alternatively, you could spend a relaxing evening at Fin Garden. 

    Meals: Breakfast
    Activities: Day tour of the village 
    Accommodation: Abyaneh Hotel
    Transportation: Domestic bus (to Isfahan)

  • Day 4: Isfahan

    Half of the World

    Once we reach Isfahan, we’ll go to Naqshe Jahan Square and up a terrace with the same view of the square as the one in the brochure pictures. Then, one by one we’ll visit its iconic landmarks including Shah MosqueSheikh Lotfollah Mosque, and Ali Qapu Palace. And while we explore the Grand Bazaar, you get to visit a handicraft workshop in person. Tonight, we’ll have a leisurely stroll and a delicious dinner at a cheerful restaurant near Si-o-se-pol or Khaju Bridge.

    Meals: Breakfast
    Accommodation: Safavi Hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

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Verified Purchase

It's seriously the best way to soak up all that cenetral and southern Iran have to offer. It's made even better when you have a LEGENDARY team to back you up. There isn't much by way of your everyday "tour" going on. You just have your tickets and your plan and lots of things to see before the next bus leaves (which although expected, could be more clear in the plans above), but Zara from support helped me plan everyday in advance so I never felt lost. People are also super friendly and you can (almost) always trust the locals' suggestions. There are 4 guides who operate daily tours for the villages and the desert camp, exactly where you need them. The villages bright the real local character out, and the night at the desert is one you will never forget. I suggest you have cash on you if you wnat to buy handicrafts in the villages.



Verified Purchase

Best option to organize backpacker trips. It's nearly impossible to find and book tickets in Iranian sites because everything is in Persian. We booked this trip as a couple and couldn't be happier. The tickets were all accepted, short delays in buses but that's just the norm in Iran. It was great to have structure for the plan, and we even had drivers speaking good english and giving us tours in villages, turns out they were great help because the people trusted them and knew them. We made friends with all our guides. Big cities were amazing and you will get addicted to Isfahan, I want to move there even!!! We booked same room hotels because if you are a couple from other country not Iran It's OK.



Verified Purchase

This trip involved long hours of bus ride and had a lot of free time for the individual traveller to explore around alone. If you have a very active travel style or are used to group tours with fixed travel itinerary you may want to consider other Iran trip options provided by 1stQuest. For me this was exactly what I wanted: my tickets ready, a few local experiences with local guides, and tons of time to explore and discover on my own.


Puerto Rico

Verified Purchase

1stquest did a fantastic job of putting all types of transportation together that is used in Iran for us to see all the sites in two weeks. There were many cities and it was all smoothly managed.

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